While most people agree that skin is merely an external appearance factor, not many know that skin is also the mirror of one’s internal health. It is the ‘Skin’ that is the first indicator of your mental and physical wellbeing. Not to mention the fact that a healthy Skin is the sheer definition of beauty and luminosity. According to Ayurveda, beauty comes from within. The ancient science believes in balancing the whole body for attaining a perfect health and of course, a wonderful skin.

Nowadays, skin-ailments at any age is a common phenomenon owing to various environmental and lifestyle factors. In Ayurveda, an inferior quality of skin is mainly a result of Vata predominance. An excess accumulation of Vata leads to stress hold-up, early ageing, and various other skin-related issues. To keep Vata at bay, here are few natural remedies for skin care you can follow to get a beautiful skin:

  • Develop Sattvic Eating Habit: The first principle of Ayurveda states the use of a healthy yogic diet. Fruits and vegetables contain natural water which hydrates the skin and make it supple. Foods that carry Ayurvedic elements such as turmeric, black pepper, ginger, etc., are considered best for health and skin.
  • Detox with Yoga: One of the best ways to get a clear skin is to detoxify it through Yoga. The more you sweat to expel toxins, the brighter your skin glows. A daily practice of physical Yoga Asanas and Pranayama removes toxins, improves digestion, and also enhances blood circulation in the skin.
  • Use Ayurvedic Applications: Application of organic subjects like Aloe Vera, Neem oil, Coconut oil, etc., on the skin, is an efficient way to a charming skin. Vitamin C found in oranges and lemons is also immensely influential in toning the skin and removing the excess toxins. The best part about the Ayurvedic herbs for skin care is that these are completely free of side effects.
  • Go for Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment: Ayurveda offers a number of skin and beauty treatments that are boon for the skin. Nasya, Ayurvedic herbal massage, Vasantik Vaman, etc., are some of the treatments that detoxify the whole body and rejuvenate the skin tissues. For those suffering from a skin disease, there is nothing more nourishing than these therapies in Ayurveda for skin care and body rejuvenation.

Apart from these tips, it is extremely important for everybody to have a healthy routine. As the skin condition is related to one’s overall health, three properly Ayurveda-sponsored meals are immensely important.

Additionally, maintain the ideal ph level in their body to balance the doshas, for which fruits and water can be highly handy.

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Rishikul Ayurshala is an authentic Ayurveda training and treatment center in Kerala, India.