Massage therapies include the application of unique techniques at major pressure points to alleviate stress and anxiety. There are various types of massages, and each type has its specific conditions and outcomes. While some message therapies work well to alleviate your mood, some work to restructure your blood flow. With increased work pressure, people are increasingly affected by stress, anxiety and various mental health problems which can be fortunately cured by the following massage therapies.

1. Swedish Massage: This is a full body massage that can help release muscle tension. It works best for people who are only being introduced to massage therapy, or people who suffer from a lot of tension. It also works best for people who are sensitive to touch. If you want to lie down at a fully relaxed posture and get a relaxation massage, you can opt for this massage as it will be compatible with your needs.

The massage therapist, in this form of massage, uses a combination of long relaxing strokes at the direction of the heart, kneading, tapping and bodily vibration. The therapist uses deep circular motions in his massage technique to alleviate muscle tension.

2. Hot Stone Massage: Hot stone massage will assuredly prove to be a remedy for those who want to ease their muscle pain and stress. A hot stone massage is similar to Swedish massage in some basic functions but differs from it in some other respect. The use of heated (or, sometimes, cold) stones in addition to the therapist’s hands are known to relieve a patient of excruciating pain, ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.

3. Thai Massage: Thai massage is good for those who seek a more active and energized form of massaging experience. It is well known in the professional sphere that Thai massage can improve flexibility, energy levels and blood circulation.

The massage manipulates the entire body by a series of movements resembling yogic stretching. Firm pressure is applied to your body by the therapist through palm and fingers so that the blood circulates evenly throughout your body. Much like Yoga, Thai massage also involves stretching and twisting.

4. Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage is a massage involving deep tissues and while some aspects of it are the same as Swedish massage, some are visibly different. It requires application of more pressure than a Swedish massage and if you have a chronic muscular problem that you have been facing for months, this might be an effective remedy for you.

It is a feasible option if you have chronic muscle situations like soreness, imbalance, muscle pain and anxiety. It is also for you if you are recovering from an injury. The therapist, in a deep tissue massage, addresses core and inflexible muscles as well as connective tissues by applying deep finger pressure.

It is an intense form of massage therapy that works only for the truly needful. However, you are to avoid this massage at all costs if you are sensitive to pressure.


Massage therapy is a relatively new sphere emerging out of alternative medicinal practices, and to stay on the loop and enjoy a stress-relieving massage session in Footscray, you should better consult the professionals in the area. Also, a word of advice: always see if the practitioner’s certificate is valid.

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The Author is a reputed masseuse in the domain of professional massaging therapy. Having saved many troubled lives by the magic of relaxation massaging, the author is currently working as a burgeoning professional in the massage industry in Footscray.