As a kid, we all wanted to play the guitar but only some of us got around to actually learning how to play it. It used to be the coolest hobby one can have and we all looked up to the rockstars. I am here to tell you why we should have listened to ourselves as a kid. You also need to get yourself a guitar and we will tell you why.

While the reasons for us to play the guitar were different back then, as grown-ups we have other reasons to get started with this hobby.

It is a little known fact that playing the guitar provides you with numerous benefits. Benefits like social, personal, professional, and even mental well-being.

1. Impress everyone around you at a social gathering - Question - how do you instantly become the most liked and talked about person in the room? The answer is by showing them the talents you possess. Playing the guitar to the song everyone knows can instantly get everyone’s attention and raise the mood of the room. You can even play it for your family occasions or become the centre of attention at any party.

2. Improving your concentration and memory power - Once you get into the habit of playing the guitar, you choose the path of self-improvement. Learning how to play the guitar takes a lot from you. Your brain starts working in a new area and develops hand-eye coordination in a new way. This is also the reason why parents get their children guitar lessons at a young age - it increases their concentration from a young age.

3. Release stress and anxiety - You’ve had a long day at the office and your just want to come home and forget everything for a while. At such a moment, the guitar can be a great companion. You can channel all your negative energy and use it as a stress-relieving activity. Guitar also helps people who are dealing with serious problems such as depression. Learning to play a song or series of chords gives you a sense of accomplishment which is a healthy way of dealing with such situations. The overall effect of playing the guitar is positive for your mental health.

4. Become more and more creative - Once you start playing the guitar and become good at it, to the point you are creating your own chord progressions or coming up with guitar solos, you actively start becoming more creative as you start improvising on the spot and creating melodies and tunes on your own. Music is famously known to be the outlet for creative people. It is a healthy and fun way to create something you can call your own. It can be encouraging and uplifting for you.

I think these are enough reasons to get you started on playing guitar and use it as a healthy hobby to find peace in the chaos we live in. Hope this inspires you and helps you release stress and make some great memories with your friends singing and strumming in joy. All the best!

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