"Belief" as it relates to the 4 types of people.

1. People who believe the only way to get wealthy is at someone elses' expense.

This one is based upon the mis-perception that wealth, money and resources are finite.

Money: A medium of exchange. At one time there was none. And every year
countries print more. We currently count it in "Trillions". Money is not wealth. It's just something we use to measure wealth or to move wealth. So although there may be, in certain specific moments (like your family, this month) a fixed amount of money available to trade with other people for things you want, there is not a fixed amount of money or wealth in the world. You can earn more.

Resources: Human ingenuity, constantly redefines what counts as a resource in the first place. Sand was once used as filler for a timer, bagged and used as a wall to stop flood water or bullets. Now converted to silicon chips for puters, phones etc.

In the nineteenth century, as the supply of whale blubber shrank, humankind found
a way to make use of the worthless black goo that oozed out of the ground in Texas
and the natural gas that was regarded as a hazard in Pennsylvania coal mines. So
wealth is never limited by physical resources, only by how we apply our mind to
those resources. The power of our minds is unlimited. Our economic system
rewards those who make the largest positive impact by fulfilling the wishes and needs of the most people. Their success does not come at someone elses' expense: rather, it contributes to the constantly changing resources that we all draw upon.

Wealth: A reflection of the energy you add into the world through your unique
skill sets. An earthly example; Suppose you own a beat-up old car. Instead of sitting on your duff next summer, you could spend the time restoring your car to pristine condition. In doing so you create real wealth. If you sell your car, you'll get more for it. In restoring your old car you have made yourself richer physically, emotionally and spiritually. And unless you stole the materials, or time from your employer - you haven't made anyone else poorer.

Wealth is about creation. You can create many things, businesses and/or states of being. Your imagination is more important than your current level of knowledge. Your WHY is more important than the how.

For those who missed the first part of this series;

Good Morning Team - There are many many personality profile tools like the MMPI
DISC, 4 Colors, 4 Animals and others that seek to divide complex human beings into
neatly boxed categories. There is some value in doing so and some risk as well.

Here's one that we run into often;

1. People who believe the only way to get wealthy is at someone else's expense
2. People who outwardly desire wealth and inwardly feel guilty about acquiring it
3. People who say they "just want to be comfortable and secure" rather than wealthy
4. People who struggle with their desire to give and inability to receive.

All 4 groups have one thing in common: They're holding themSelves back from experiencing the abundance and joy that surrounds all of us. Everyone at some point in time has issues with money and what it is, what it means and what it can be used for. Learning to address them in a powerful, supportive, productive manner is only one part of success.

Example; We've all heard the stories of the millionaires that make it, lost it all, make it, lose it again and then the 3rd time is the charm. That's the classic journey of learning about money, what it is, what it isn't. Along the way people will often play the blame game...and as long as they do...what they seek will elude them.

All four groups can be summed up with two words...and where the individual is
"at" concerning these two words....they each represent a continuum.

Belief + Deserve.

Tomorrow I'll cover Belief as it relates to the 4 types listed above.

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I’m just an average guy who’s learned a few things about Life, Success and Personal Development - thanks to some incredibly good and bad experiences during the past 25+ years. I’ve made many mistakes and have learned to combine down to earth values with a unique ability to distill complex concepts into simple, powerful strategies which can be immediately applied to produce measurable results. In short;

“I’ve traveled the territory, drawn a few maps and I’m happy to share them”

I do not consider myself to be an “expert” and my work is never presented as the definitive doctrine on how you should live your life or what it takes to be successful in your business. I am a work in progress and if you were to you join me on life’s journey by hiring me as your coach or partnering with us in business – our learning will very likely be a two way street. In fact, I expect it to be.

“What you know dies with you – what you DO leaves a legacy”