Lined Valves are used in manifold industries as an alternative to high-grade alloys used in corrosive applications. They are reliable, economic with minimal operating costs. Ablaze Polymer and Lining offers complete range of lined ball valves for industrial use. In this blog by Ablaze Polymer and Lining, let’s look at the most popular 4 types of lined valves such as Butterfly Valve, Flush Bottom Valve, Plug Valve, and Diaphragm Valve.
Butterfly Valve
Available in various sizes, butterfly valves are manufactured using high quality raw materials like fluoropolymers. Lined butterfly valves can start, stop and regulate fluid flow and can be customized according to client requirements. Compact design, large size, and lightweight make butterfly valve a top choice in slurry applications.
Flush Bottom Valve
Also known as bottom valve or drain valve, Flush Bottom Valves are composed of high-grade metal alloys with fluoropolymers lining. As the name says, it is used to flush out fluids from tanks, receivers, and reactors. Ablaze Polymer and Lining Flush Bottom Valves have a unique design, proven performance record and are very affordable.
Plug Valve
Plug valves are used to start or stop the flow of fluids. They are usually cylindrical or cone-shaped. Ablaze Polymer and Lining adheres to the requirements of the aviation fueling, refining, oil & gas production and pipeline industries for designing their plug valves. A typical plug valve has a stem, body, bonnet, and plug. There are further kinds of plug valves as well.
Diaphragm Valve
Ablaze Polymer and Lining also manufactures and supplies the best quality diaphragm valves. These are available with a variety of linings such as glass, metals, solid plastics, plastic and rubber. As a quick opening valve, this one is applied when most other valves do not work. There are two types of Diaphragm valves – Straightway and Weir.
All the different kinds of lined valves listed in this blog are manufactured and supplied by Ablaze Polymer and Lining to varied industries based on purpose and usage. If you too need a supply of Butterfly Valve, Flush Bottom Valve, Plug Valve, and Diaphragm Valve, you place your bulk order at Ablaze Polymer and Lining.

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We are lined and polymer product manufacturer used for industrial application. Our products involve sight glass, industrial valves such as flush bottom valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve and more. We also manufacturing lined reducing flanges.