The influences in your life are what tend to drive your successes and your failures. If you wish to lead a more balanced and successful life, it's natural that you would wish to get rid of the most negative influences around you. Below are four of the most toxic influences to get rid of in your life.


Smoking is one of those habits that everyone understands to be dangerous, yet far too many people still partake of it for it to really feel forbidden. With that said, smoking is absolutely a toxic influence - it takes your time, your money, and your health. Eliminating smoking from your life isn't always easy, but it's definitely something that's worth doing. Once you stop, you'll be rewarded with greater health and freedom from an influence that was negatively impacting your life. Being around smokers can similarly be toxic to your health, however, due to the affects of second-hand smoke, so avoid being around smoke from other people’s cigarettes, as well.


Alcohol is another one of those negative influences that often needs to be banished from an individual's life. While some can indulge in moderation, there are many who look towards alcohol to fill a hole in their lives. If you find yourself in such a place, completely eliminating its influence may be the best move you can make. Merely stopping yourself from having a drink - you may need to remove yourself from situations in which alcohol is consumed entirely in order to get away from second-hand drinking effects. If you can remove the influence, you can regain some measure of control.

Abusive Relationships

Abusive relationships come in many forms. The most obvious involves physical abuse, but others may involve emotional, financial, or verbal abuse. Taking the time to take realistic stock of your relationships and to make a plan to get out if they're negatively impacting you is definitely something that you owe yourself.

Negative Thinking

The final influence you need to rid yourself of is internal. Negative thinking can cause you a great deal of pain, and it's something over which you may feel you have little power. Taking the time to get a more positive mindset and free yourself of your own mental traps can be a good way to get your life on the right track and start looking at things in a more balanced manner.
These toxic influences impact individuals differently, so take the measure of their role in your life. If you find they are influencing you, do what you can to get rid of them. It may be tough, but doing so is always worth the effort.

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