Zomato is one of the top food delivery and restaurant finder app around the world. Currently, they are providing food delivery service in India, Lebanon and UAE. They spread across as a restaurant finder in 24 countries and available in 10 languages globally.

Zomato has lots of unique features that address customer needs. They provide you with the best app that helps you with dining out, table booking, takeaway and discoveries. Here are some unique features of Zomato that you should know.

Table Booking

Table booking is one of the most significant features which is required to build a successful restaurant business. The user can easily book tables whenever they want. Table booking provides convenience to the user as well as prevent disappointment.

Zomato has more than 1.4 million restaurants in their list where you can find a suitable restaurant to book table for your need. Most of the restaurants allow table booking from 2-8 persons.

Follow Your Friends

Everyone loves to eat their favorite food. Zomato provides an option for foodies to follow their friends so that they can know what their friends eat and what they like. They can also discover more from the places nearby.

Self PickUp

You can enjoy offers and promos as well as no need to wait for your delivery. Zomato provides you with a feature that you can order your food online pick it up from the restaurant by yourself. This option saves your time as well as you can have your food on the go.

Restaurant Profile

The restaurant has full control over their profile in the Zomato. They can provide useful information to their user to help them out. The restaurant has the option to provide details like food menu, images, phone number, direction to the restaurant and reviews.

Having an app like Zomato in your mobile is a smart thing to do. Particularly if you are a foodie. Zomato will deliver you features that none another app can provide you.

If you want to build an app like Zomato then, you are left with two option. You should build an app like Zomato from scratch. Building an app takes a lot of time and technical effort.

Many companies also provide you clone scripts like Zomato clone, Swiggy clone and Ubereats clone where you can buy clone script to start your business.

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