Hair loss is a matter of concern for all no matter what their age is. Losing over 100 strands in a day could be caused by some disease, inherited factors, medicines, stress, aging, injury or improper care.  Whatever the reason might be, it can devastate an individual’s self-esteem and even cause depression, anxiety as well as several other emotional issues. It has been found that about one-third of the population suffers from excessive loss of hair and most of them are women.

There are several factors that cannot be controlled but, you can do the best from your side to give your hairs a chance. Listed below are a few tips that can be followed.

Active Caring

One of the ways to reduce excessive hair fall is to take care of it properly. The first step towards this is using a suitable shampoo depending upon your type. It must be ensured that whatever shampoo you choose, it is mild. The most common ingredients of a mild shampoo are sultaines, amphoacetate and sulfosuccinates. You must also make sure that you are using a good brush. The way in which you brush can have a huge impact on its condition. You could also try a scalp massage with nourishing oils. Test for the thinning if you are too worried.

Avoiding Things That Cause Damage

Heat weakens the proteins. Using dryers, curlers and straighteners can make the hairs brittle and make them lose their fragility which can, in turn, cause Hair loss. Dyes, bleaching and chemicals too cause harm to the hairs and make them dull and dry. By doing any of this, you are just making your hair more susceptible to damage. Also, certain hairstyles that pull the hairs way too tight can cause hair fall if done on a regular basis. It is therefore to avoid all of these.

Eating Right for Healthier Hairs

A balanced diet is not just beneficial for the body but is great for the hairs as well.  Excessive loss of hair might slow down with a healthy diet. You must include foods that are rich in iron, protein, Vitamin C, biotin and Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, you must know what not to eat or the things that might also be a reason. Ensure that your body is getting enough calories.

Seeking Medical Help

If you notice that nothing seems to work, you must consider visiting a doctor. If you notice that you are losing hair rapidly at a rather early age or there is an unusual pattern, you must contact a doctor. It is because it could be a symptom of another serious medical complaint that needs immediate attention. The doctor would check thoroughly and prescribe appropriate medications that must be used.

A change in the lifestyle seems to work for a lot of people in preventing hair fall but if that doesn’t seem to work visiting the doctor would be a good solution. They are experts and know well and therefore would tell you the best thing that would work for your situation.

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