To encourage learners to stream online services you need to get their attention first. In order for your streaming services to be effective, learners need to be interested. The scheme is simple: first, you attract interest, then stimulate the desire to learn new things, after which you only need to keep attention. In addition to the introductory phrases "Please remember that ...", "We draw your attention to the fact that ..." and "An important point: ...", you can attract attention with the help of fascinating materials.

1. Visual diversity.
Serves best to carefully make good web streaming services add visual appeal to the audience. Such streaming services should not only be aesthetic but also relevant to the online learners. Do not forget about the diversity and do not underestimate the importance of good design and layout.

2. Interactivity.
Interactivity is a powerful tool that, when properly used, can warm up interest. Even if online learners have to drag items along the page to go through the section, this does not mean that they do it willingly. To increase the level of motivation, it is necessary to create an interactive environment, giving learners the opportunity to explore it. This will warm their natural curiosity and, as a result, draw attention to streaming services.

3. Multimedia.
Videos, livestream broadcaster, animation - all this awakens in the learners a thirst for discovery, make them learn new things. If financial or time constraints do not allow you to create a quality video, refer to the animation with a good voice acting. In some cases, a nice picture in combination with a pleasant voice simplifies the perception of important and complex information.

4. Provocative questions.
Stimulate learners' curiosity by asking them interesting questions. It is proved that the training is more effective if the material in question is relevant to the personal or professional life of the trainees. Give the learners current assignments and invite them to express their opinions on the topics studied. This will give you another advantage - quality feedback, which will never be superfluous.

5. Increase the level of involvement
Of course, learners will want to master your course only if it is relevant for them. A person-centered approach can increase the level of motivation by convincing learners that the information they receive is really useful and can be used in practice. If they feel that they are able to combine learning and real personal or professional experience, they will naturally want to learn more.

Speaking of feelings, one should not underestimate the power of emotions. Emotions play a very important role in the process of managing motivation because everything that causes positive emotions in us inevitably becomes interesting and meaningful for us. To take advantage of the power of emotion, refer to an emotionally-oriented approach that allows you to connect with learners. One of the methods used in it is an artistic narrative. In addition, you can use the scripts. Make sure that the characters in your stories are like your learners, scenarios describe real events, and questions to scenarios help to get involved in the discussion.

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