How to find the best digital marketing company in India? Well, there are lots of online marketers across the country. And most of them describe themselves as “best” in their niche. But according to 2022 data, there has been over 80% of fake digital marketers in India. Since digital marketing has become a big industry nowadays, scams have become common. Without adequate checking, you may end up hiring a fraud agency. It may seem like most digital marketing agencies are trying to sell you fake promises. But you can identify the fake ones from the real ones with some simple tips. Wondering how? Well, we will discuss it further in the following article.

How to spot fake digital marketing agencies and protect your company from scammers?

Digital marketing has become a must for online businesses. If you have a website, you must invest in online marketing to promote that. With the help of digital marketing, you can reach your target audiences more easily. And for that, you will need an expert digital marketer. Using specific tools and tactics, they will create campaigns to promote your brand. But hiring fake digital marketing agencies can ruin all these.

So, how to spot fake digital marketers? Well, look for the following when hiring one:

They will target your website’s low-performance issues at the beginning.

Businesses look for a professional digital marketing team to improve their performance. And here comes the fraud digital marketers. Everyone wants a high-performance website to increase sales and generate leads in no time. And digital marketing scammers take advantage of these issues to find their prey. Thus, it will be better not to hire a team who do not talk apart from your website’s performance.

They will promise you higher Google rankings in a short period.

Who does not want their website to rank higher on Google? Everyone wants to see their website on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). But until a brand break through the latest Google algorithms, no one can predict any outcome. Thus, if you find any digital marketing agency promising a high Google rank in no time, avoid them. They are more likely to scam you afterwards.

They will also promise you major directory listings.

Nowadays, online directories play a huge role in the visibility of businesses. Hence, most digital marketers work for it. But you must know that not all directories are ideal for your brand’s genres. Hence, adding your names there cannot offer any value to your potential leads. Hence, ask the digital marketing firm about suitable directories for your business beforehand.

They will suggest you buy social media followers for better optimization.

Fake digital marketers will always butter businesses to buy social media followers. They may also tell you that it is for better reach. Well, buying fake followers may increase your followers, but not the right customers. You may end up with a bunch of unnecessary or identical followers who will never turn into leads. Also, too many fake followers can devalue your social media account and ranking. And this can harm your brand.


Cannot decide on how to find the right digital marketing company in India? Well, there are many of them. And hence, you must cross the fake ones from your list to choose the right one. We hope this article can help you with that.

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