As we all know everyone loves to have natural human hair extensions to add a style element in their hairs and to look more attractive. Most people use these extensions to make different hair styles that is not possible to make with their own natural hairs. But if you opt for having permanent hair extensions then you have to maintain it on regular basis. Here in this article we are discussing about tips that you should apply for regular maintenance of your natural hair extensions.

1.   Prefer to Use Bristle Brush Hair Brush:

First thing that you should keep in mind is that hair extensions should be properly brushed before you wash it, as it could avoid breaking of hairs and remove all the tangles present in your hairs. So always prefer to brush your hairs properly before washing your natural human hair extensions. Keep in mind that you have to use boar bristle brush or simply use a wet brush for maintaining your hair extensions on daily basis. it will help you to give your hairs smooth look and avoid any type of breakages.  

2.   Shampooing Procedure of Human Hair Extensions

Now next step is to apply shampoo in your Weft Hair Extensions UK, don’t worry the procedure is same just like you do with your natural hairs. Firstly you have to wet your hairs thoroughly and make sure that water flows thoroughly downwards after that apply the shampoo in your hairs. As you know now you have more hairs than usual on your hairs so that’s why you have to apply more shampoo in your hairs. Now you have to massage it in your hairs. For this you can use your fingertips so that you could spread it thoroughly. It’s very important that you spread the entire shampoo in all direction of your head so that all the hairs extensions get properly washed without any damage.

3.   Using Heat Protectant On Hair Extensions:

As we all know these natural human hair extensions are made up of natural human hairs that’s why you can treat them easily with heat for styling purpose. But you should prefer to use heat protectant before applying the straightener or curler. That will make the protective layer on your hair extensions that will help you to protect the extensions from getting damaged. It will also make your hairs look more smooth and silky.

4.   Using Microfiber Towel for Drying Hair Extensions:

Next thing that you should opt to do for giving your hairs a heavier look is to use a microfiber towel as it will lower down the risk of hair damage and in result you will get the healthier and fluffy hairs. Obviously when hair fall will be less then there will be more growth and in result you will have healthy hairs. Another trick that you could opt for is to squeeze your hairs by using a paper towels as this trick will help you to avoid friction that could happen from terry cloth.

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