Alcohol use amongst kids may not be a subject parents want to tackle, but it is a real threat. It is still the most popular substance abused by underage kids. The following are four tips to help teach your kids about the dangers of alcohol use.

1. Visiting An AA Meeting
This might sound a little strange, but contact the meeting leader, and see if anyone is willing to talk to your kids about their experience or if you can visit a meeting. It might be a troubling experience, but kids need to understand the danger. Some of the material discussed in these meetings are adult-oriented, so make sure you speak to the person who runs the program first.

2. Have Them Enroll In Drug Education
Schools have a few programs or classes that can help teach kids about drugs. It might be a good idea to have your kid take this class to learn about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. These classes are honest about the dangers and actually teach kids about the many ways that drugs can affect the body and mind. You should talk to the instructor to find out what your kid will be exposed to.

3. Teach About Recovery
It might be a good idea to visit sites like this one to learn everything you can about how alcohol addiction is treated. Teaching your kids about what it takes to quit alcohol addiction might help prevent them from even tasting the substance. Withdrawal symptoms can include nausea and powerful cravings, just to name a few things. Teach your kids about recovery centers, like Pacific Ridge, and consider enrolling them if you feel they need treatment.

4. Always Encourage A Conversation
Be sure to remember that it is up to you to teach your kid about the dangers of substances like alcohol. This means you must learn how to talk to your kid. For one, it is very important to value your kid's viewpoint. Dismissing your kid's point of view, no matter how silly, can make your kid feel like he or she can dismiss yours. For example, your kid might believe that a buzz will go away if you walk it off; then you want to teach them or have an expert explore this theory to show your kid why this is false.

These are just a few ideas that may teach your kids about the dangers of alcohol, but do not be afraid to ask experts. You can never have enough help teaching this important lesson that all kids should learn.

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