USA has been the most preferred destination among the international students. It has definitely become the centre of the global education. The students are exposed to new possibilities and opportunities in their respective fields. American universities will form a solidified foundation which will enable the students to compete at the international level among other foreign competitors. Along with elite education, the standards of life are uplifted to a major extent. Due to the enormous size of the country, a plethora number of opportunities have opened up in various industries. Apart from prevailing world-class education, one can acquire exclusive experiences at different firms.

But wait, there’s more to take from USA and the esteemed universities. Here are the Top 5 reasons enlisted on why to choose USA as the primary destination for the study abroad in 2021.

#1. Ranked Universities
1. Ranked Universities
USA has an astonishing resume when it comes to global university ranking, holding 7 of Top 10 globally ranked universities. An optimal level of higher-education is being offered at the university level along with all the necessary amenities. According to the Times World Ranking Universities, 76 universities are based in USA out of the Top 200 from all over the world. The amount of best education being imparted in every institution is off the charts as compared to the other countries.

#2. Flexible Education System
American universities offer the best yet flexible education system at the tertiary level. During this system, any undergraduate can avail to change the course in between the term. They can do this until the 4th semester, when they have to declare their majors in the current field. This system permits the students to get the taste of all or at least some courses for a better understanding of the variety of courses available to them. Making them versatile and independent by gaining knowledge from other fields too.

#3. Affordable Tuition Fees & Living Costs:
Mainly the tuition fees at the public universities are much lower than the private ones. Although, the tuition fees in the metropolitan states like Washington, New York, California and Boston can be considerably high. However, these costs can be cut down by working on-campus or in the campus affiliated firms. The most preferential commodities are: on-campus dormitories, shared-rented apartments and college towns. Generally, the universities have set a lower cost of living while imparting an excellent educational experience. Student dorms proffers all the amenities and facilities, excluding any extra expense.

#4. Top Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree Programmes
You know the universities are vivid in offering the number of courses, when the total tally is a 3-digit number. With such an immense area of options, a student is open to numerous opportunities by majoring in any of their chosen field. Thanks to the flexible education system in the university, any student can acquire knowledge of multiple courses at the same time. The value of the degree earned at the end of the academic year is unparalleled to any other country. Such globally reputed and internationally recognised degree can pace up your employment process and notch you up into a multinational firm with potential high salaries.

#5. Student Can Work While Studying
5 Student Can Work While Studying
Thanks to the education ministry of USA. It has formulated special policies solely for the students acquiring their degrees from the American universities. You can acquire the opportunity to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during the term and a full-time work in between the summer and winter breaks. This will enhance your vocational skills as well as gain enough experience to make you prepare for the real market in advance. Interestingly, any student can independently apply to any firm/company as an intern (paid or unpaid) without any pre-requisites.

Now, you are well-acquainted with all the Top Reasons to study overseas in “The Land of Opportunities”- USA. The country consists of the top-ranked universities with a versatile and flexible education system which provides a strong foundation for the students to expand their area of knowledge. The students can get their hands on the amazing opportunity to work while they learn during the term. At the end of their academic year, an esteemed degree is handed over which is internationally recognised.

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