Teenagers today are much more overconfident than in the past, often feeling they can handle things they actually can't and having a sense of entitlement to things they aren't entitled to. On the other hand, dangers are not only more varied, but they can be very subtle for a teenage mind. It's not a good combination by anyone's standards.

Fortunately, you can protect your child from threats with the use of cell phone monitoring software. By installing it on the cell phone of your child, you'll get access to his call history, text messages, and photos. You can also track him on a map and listen to his conversations if you want. You might not like this idea at first, but consider that you get to save your child from the following:

1. Teen Pregnancies

Let me tell you something, yes, your child might be having sex and she can get pregnant (or if you have a boy, he can get a girl pregnant). It seems obvious to everyone but unfortunately most parents seem to think that this will never happen to their little baby. The software allows you to know if your child is planning to have sex or having it already, where, with whom, and if there's protection involved.

2. Unhealthy Relationships

This term is just a new way of saying “she's dating a jerk.” Because teens confuse attraction with love, they often tolerate abuse and neglect. If your daughter is dating an excuse of a boyfriend, it's your duty to put a stop to it and have a few words with this guy and make himself understand that you'll not tolerate such behavior. He might not respect your daughter, but he'll certainly respect you and leave her alone... or else.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is still a strong addiction among teenagers. It causes alcoholism and other illnesses in the long term. However, the real danger of alcohol is that it impairs judgement, so it acually affects every other aspect of your teen and put him in danger. It's the reason many teens drive when they know they shouldn't, get in bed with someone they know isn't appropriate, engage in dares that they know are dangerous, etc.

4. Bad Online Habits

This is a new trend that didn't exist a few years ago. The internet is great, but it's also dangerous. Because it gives the sense of anonymity, teenagers often become victims of people who are trying to pass as someone they really aren't. Daughters in particular are vulnerable, as they agree to meet boys their age when they're actually sexual predators. And then, of course, there's all the content with sex and violence and lack of values that can influence a teenager.

We can't let our children put themselves in danger for the sake of letting them learn from their own mistakes. In some cases, that's the right approach, but in others, the risk is just too great. Cell phone monitoring software lets you know the situations your teen is going through and make the choice of whether to intervene or not yourself.

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