If you're not attracting the kinds of matches you want, it might be because you're making a few basic profile mistakes. How to make others have a good first impression of you? How to become an attractive sugar daddy? There are 4 tips, you can have a try.

1. Too many faces are blurred photos

Although we understand that you don't want to expose your personal photos easily, many websites now have private photo albums. You can add your handsome photos to them. Only if
you accept their request, they will see your photos. No one can guarantee that every sugar baby you meet is upright and kind, because the human heart is the most difficult to control. If you are a flower, the best way to get the most beautiful butterfly is to bloom yourself.

2. Too many daily photos, it doesn't look like a rich sugar daddy.

All sugar babies come for your money. You want to show your wealthy lifestyle. Only then will you let others know that you are a rich person, instead of just talking, Real pictures are more convincing than any text. But it must be a real photo. If you copy someone else's photo from the website, you will be easily spotted.

3. Very few introductions about Yourself.

Don't talk a lot of nonsense, it's not on the point at all, simply telling your personal preferences and so on make it clear all the way. Give people enough information for them to relate to positively. Enough information about your passions and hobbies, through pictures or on your bio. Add a picture of your pet, if you have one. Mention what you like to do for fun.

4. Always asking others, Unwilling to show yourself more.

Many people think that if you have money, you can control everything. You have to understand that you are equal and you should respect each other, instead of looking down on
others and thinking that others are inferior. Don't always ask for what others can provide for you. You should think about what you can provide for others to attract others'attention.

5. Anxiously want to have sex with a sugar baby.

When you start to contact, don't be anxious and have sex with others. They are not

prostitutes and can do everything for money. Love needs to be cultivated slowly, although there is no real relationship between many sugar daddies and babies, many of them will have a friendship after a long time together. And there are many examples of sugar daddy and baby finally getting married.

If someone only wants to have convenient dates that involve no effort to set up, it's a sign they don't want to invest in you and the relationship with you. There are thousands
of sugar babies on those dating sites, it is impossible for everyone to like you.

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