Office removals isn’t an easy undertake and when it comes to lifting heavy packing boxes, the risk of damage becomes double. It’s extremely important to pack boxes properly to minimise strain and damage to your valuable office utilities during transit. However, most business owners ignore hiring professional removalists to save a few bucks and end up making costly packing blunders.

Packing office boxes is a skill on its own. Whether you are moving for the first time or have relocated a couple of times earlier, you can always speed up the process and make your move hassle-free by doing a little bit of research. It will also help you avoid the most common packing mistakes which are mentioned in this post.

Not Accessing Your Needs Properly

Before taking the plunge of packing office items, it’s important to equip yourself with adequate packing boxes of various sizes to suit your customised requirements. Most business owners deploy the packing job to their in-house stuff instead of hiring office removalists in Sydney and needless to say, they overload packing boxes by stuffing multiple items. To avoid this mistake, the first and foremost thing you need to do is figure out the accurate number of packing boxes you need depending upon the size of your inventory to make your office move hassle-free.

Ignoring to Declutter Unwanted Stuff

It doesn’t matter how old is your office space, but there will be stuff you need to declutter from time to time. Sorting unwanted office utilities is essential to ensure you are not taking unnecessary load to your new office space. These items may include worn out stationeries, broken wall hangings, outdated kitchen essentials, papers etc. Prioritise your items into three categories- donate, recycle or discard and do accordingly. For people who do not declutter stuff, carry extra load with them which adds no value to their new office space and also exceeds the overall cost of moving.

Packing Items Directly without Wrapping Them

Wrapping acts as a first layer of defence against scratch, damage or breakage to your goods and therefore, it’s something you can’t avoid while packing office boxes. Especially when it comes to fragile items, bubble wrapping and adequate cushioning are a must to protect them from breakage during transit. Packing office boxes isn’t a job of a layman and requires expert’s intervention. However, business owners who avoid hiring professional removal companies in Sydney and delegate the job to in-house employees end up causing damages to their precious belongings. They stuff items directly into the boxes and upon final arrival at the destination; most of them are discovered in a broken state.

Not Sealing Liquid Containers While Storing in Boxes

Cardboards don’t have the property to absorb moisture and even the slightest of drips can de-frame the structure of the boxes and damage your valuable goods during transit. Spillage is likely to happen during heavy jerks and if your liquid containers aren’t sealed properly, one bump in the moving truck can get your liquid spilled all over your items. For people who don’t pay heed to these little detailing end up with a serious mess and causing costly damage to their office utilities.

Final Words

Packing office boxes in the right way is essential to protect your valuable goods, furniture and stationeries from damage or breakage. Be aware of the common packing mistakes mentioned in this post to make your relocation fast, safe and hassle-free.

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The author is the owner of one of the leading removal companies in Sydney equipped with a team of certified, trained and professional office removalists who offer a safe and hassle-free relocation at a budgeted price.