Even small scale businesses aren’t exempt from crimes which take place on corporate premises. Convenient stores, retail outlets, shopping malls and even start-up firms prove to be prime targets for theft, robbery or unforeseen explicit activity.

With the employment of a licensed and experienced security guard; you can offset such potential loses and guarantee proper safety of your workers and goods. But how does a small-scale business know if they need a quality security guard or not? 

Here are 4 clear signs which point towards the need for a security guard for your business.

1. Your Business Is Situated In A Crime-Prone Region

If your business is situated in a region which has a history of vandalism, theft and frequent robbery, then this is a sign which mandates the need for a proficient security guard. 

Crime prone regions don’t necessarily entail a region full of local goons or budding miscreants. It could also mean sparsely populated rural regions where you may have your business warehouse or another division of your main centre. Such sparsely inhabited areas have a high risk of break-ins or stolen good incidents.

But you can put an end to all that by positioning if not one but two guards to watch over it.

2. If Your Business Lacks Any Proper Safety Program.

Many small scale businesses have an individual entrusted to work as a foreman and perform security responsibilities. But the problem here is that more often they prioritise their duties as the foreman than addressing security concerns properly.

If this is true in your case, then you need to consult quality security services in Sydney and hire a full-time security guard to watch over your business premise. They will meet all security obligations and even sit in on safety meetings, if the need arises. 

3. If You Parking Lot Lacks Light & Employees/Customers Feel Unsafe Walking To Their Cars

If you find that your business parking lot lacks proper light and your customers or employees feel unsafe walking to their cars, then it is another sign that you need a qualified security guard. Unattended parking lots are always a happy hunting ground for theft, vandalism and mugging. 

But if you have a security guard stationed to monitor everything around the parking lot, it will make your workers and customers feel at ease even during the night.

4. If You’ve Faced Shrinkage & Theft Before

Fact is, any business setting will benefit from the presence of a quality and trained security guard. According to reports- in 2014, small-medium sized businesses lost nearly $44 billion due to theft and 35% of it was caused by business employees. 

A qualified security guard will take steps to limit such loss and shrinkage, and save lots of money for your business. They will not only report any suspicious incidents to their respective superior but also take proactive steps to prevent such illegal operations (be it from an outsider or an inside employee). 

Any small-scale business runner should consider this and contact reputed security guard services in Sydney for a security guard.

To Cap Off:

Ensuring the security of your business is paramount. So, discuss your protection requirements with agencies offering security guard hire services in Sydney. Top-rated ones usually have guards to tackle all sorts of situations, and upon request, they will be happy to meet all your security demands.

What are you waiting for? Get at it right away!

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The author runs a company specialising in security guard hire in Sydney well trained to perform all security services in Sydney for respective clients.