Owning or managing a business is always a challenging thing because you constantly have to think about increasing the revenues and working towards acquiring new customers. One of the things that can help you to increase your customer reach and revenue figures is the use of successful marketing techniques because if a product is marketed right, it will be in demand and help increase sales as well as profit margins.
If you are tired of marketing initiatives that don’t get the results you want and often lead to wastage of money, then you are on the correct webpage. Here you can have a look at 4 techniques on getting the highest returns through marketing. These techniques are time-tested and suit every organization, be it a giant brand or a small startup or alternate to sites like eBay. So, you can try them without worrying too much about failure.
1. Social Media Marketing
You may or may not believe in the power of social media, but we sure do. Social media allows you to access customers from all over the world even if you have a small budget. You can hire experts on social media and get them to launch a campaign or launch a social media campaign yourself. Both are viable and easy options. Just make sure that the social media content is original, appealing, and gets the likes/shares. You can also invest in social media ads or buy followers in the beginning. Keeping them hooked in the long term would bring in the maximum ROI.
2. Word of Mouth
There is nothing better for a company than to have customers who make the brand popular via word of mouth. As customers, these days are smart and know that paid reviews are a thing, word of mouth is getting a lot of attention. To get your customers’ talking about your brand or referring it to other customers, you should make sure that you offer value for money products/services and keep them satisfied by answering all questions. If you do that, you won’t have to spend a penny extra to get the customers talking about your company and helping it to be a trusted brand.
3. Press Releases
Many companies don’t realize the importance of press releases. If you are one of them, it’s time you get smarter. You should know that press releases, if authentic, can generate a lot of interest and serve as a perfect marketing tool. If you sell locally only, you should get the press released published at a local publication that has the highest reach.
In contrast, if you are targeting global customers, it’s smart to seek coverage on one or more of major news websites like BBC, CNN, Entrepreneur, and Reuters among others. Getting backlinks is also highly recommended if you publish the PR’s on high authority websites as it will improve your organic search engine rankings. Though hiring a press release writer and getting the story published in a global publication won’t be cheap, the ROI you get from it will usually be very high as these publications have millions of readers spread across the globe.
4. Search Engine Marketing
Last on the list but not the least is search engine marketing. Though search engines like Bing and Yahoo! are also worth your attention, there is no doubt in the fact that Google is way better than these options. To generate traffic from any search engine, you need to optimize your website so that you can get the right traffic and you need to create paid search campaigns on Bing or Google AdWords. Both these strategies, if used in conjunction will help get you the maximum ROI. You can start your SEM efforts by launching a PPC campaign. It will give you an idea about whether people are interested in your product/service or not. It is also a smart strategy to depend on both, organic search and paid marketing to get the best results.
In essence, it can be seen that a combination of old and new marketing methods gets you the maximum ROI. The traditional methods like word of mouth and press release are still worth the attention and you should couple them with modern methods of marketing like social media marketing and search engine marketing to get amazing results. Good Luck and Happy Marketing!

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Priyanka Sharma has been writing various articles for business, environment and fashion. She has done her graduation in BMS(Bachelor in management studies)from Mumbai University and is currently working with TrueGether. Prior to this she was undertaking a training program in Bombay stock exchange and is pursuing her certified financial planning course. She is passionate about learning new things everyday and travelling.