With the constant endeavour of saving the planet and making it a better place to live in, the contribution begins at home. When each one of us contributes to being energy efficient and conserves the planet, things come around as creating a significant impact.

While being energy efficient is one of the aspects to prevent global warming, there are numerous methods that can be put to use which can be started from your house first. Now, coming to a situation as that of the presence of a newborn baby at home, there is a lot of electricity that gets consumed. You have to boil the bottles, wash the soiled clothes, keep them comfortable indoors whether hot or cold an while also ensuring that all of this doesn't put an impact on the electricity bill as well as the environment.

To help you cope with the situation and ensure that things are in place, here are a few tips that you could put to use once the baby is there at home.

Keep a Constant Temperature for the Room

If you were using a fan during the summers or a room heater during the winters, you would not want the baby to be uncomfortable when most of the energy escapes from the room. Sealing the frames of the doors and windows with airtight wraps and tapes, it helps in preventing the indoor air to go out as well as not letting a change in temperature with air coming from the outside. This is known to keep the baby comfortable and not contract illnesses.

Put to Use Blinds to Block out Heat and Cold

Blinds are known to provide insulation to the room where it is known to absorb heat as well as cold whatever the season it may be. When you have covered the windows with blinds, it forms a barrier while preventing heat or the cold air from coming into the room. This way, your child is protected while making you put lesser effort on using fans or haters to make the baby feel comfortable while asleep. These blinds can always be folded or rolled up whenever required especially when the baby isn't around.

Use CFL Instead Of Incandescent Bulbs

When a baby is around, you have to be active and on your toes all the time when having to attend them and the needs. For this, there is the need for lights all the time, and so the use of incandescent lights is often known to have a huge impact on the electricity bills. Try switching to CFL bulbs that not just consume less energy but also provides bright light all the time. These bulbs have a higher lifespan than other bulbs while helping you save money on the go and living in energy efficient home while having to attend to your baby without any issue.

Let the Sun Dry Your Clothes

Newborns have to be changed all the time where soiled clothes are dumped every hour. Washing all of this can be time-consuming, and so most of us put them in the washing machine. Limit it to the washing and not drying. Drying them in the dryer would take up energy all over again and when you have the sun to help you out, then why use the artificial help. Dry the clothes out in the sun. This would not just dry them in a great way but also kill germs if any. This makes your baby wear sanitised clothes without causing harm to their health.

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The author has had close associations with those that supply airtight wraps and tapes for the house and writes this article to bring about awareness amongst people and live in energy efficient homes.