Workplace safety can be undertaken in any type of work environment. It’s especially important if you work in an industrial or manufacturing setting. If you aren’t safe in these environments, you could end up being maimed or killed. Here are some of the ways that you can work towards ensuring the safety of your employees.

Identify and Label Hazards

There are national codes for how hazards and other safety risks should be labeled. Identify steps using caution tape and cordon off electrical panels. Purchase the different colors of tape so that you can identify and label all safety hazards in your workplace. The tape doesn’t prevent injuries. It merely acts as a reminder that your employees need to be pay attention in these areas. There may also be requirements for you to do this in your industry.

Focus on Monthly Safety Topics

Create a safety committee. You want to include all levels of employees on your safety committee. The committee works towards identifying safety issues and resolving them to keep everyone safe. Have a monthly safety meeting for all of your employees. Allow them to express any safety concerns that they may have in the workplace. This can help to give you a heads up before you have a safety incident. You don’t want to receive a fine due to repeated safety concerns at your business.

Employ Fire Suppression Techniques

Protect your electrical boxes and components using a fiberglass electrical enclosure. This will protect your electrical components and keep them safe from the elements. Another fire protection technique is to install a fire suppression system in your workplace. This can differ depending on your work environment. An industrial workplace may use chemical extinguishers instead of the water ones for an office environment. You want to be able to protect your employees and equipment from fire.

Keep It Clean

An untidy environment can present trip and fall hazards to your employees. Keep it relatively clean so that you can keep your employees safe. This can include things like boxes and equipment that are being stored in a walkway. In a more industrial setting, this can also include spilled chemicals or solvents. Use signs to cordon off areas in which a spill has occurred. You don’t want your employees walking through the spill and falling.

Training is another vital step to ensuring the continued safety of your employees. Develop a training program so that all your employees are aware of what their job functions entails to remain safe.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.