Photobooth arrangements presently feature in a lot of modern-day celebration events- be it’s a social one or a corporate gala. Guests are always fond of clicking pictures at whatever event they visit. 

But often clicking selfies and groupies using their smartphones don’t quite provide them with their expected level of entertainment. They need something extra or to be more accurate that ‘x-factor’ to their fun photo-clicking sessions. A photobooth aptly suffices all their needs by including wide varieties of props, backdrops and other picture editing features. 

Plus, it also makes their customised clicks ready in minutes thereby giving them the scope to post them straight away to their social media accounts for all their close friends to take note, like and even comment.

If you’re planning a big event soon, then make sure to include a party photo booth hire to its setting. It will certainly take your event’s fun-quotient to the next level. And once you’ve secured a quality booth arrangement from a notable supplier in Melbourne; you can use these 4 tips to make the event thoroughly memorable for everyone present.

  • Pick the Rented Timeline Properly

Selecting the right rented timeline for your hired photo booth arrangement is important. And if you get it right; it can make your event all the more remarkable for your invitees.

One wise option is to start the rental time after all your guests have arrived at your event (and not from when your event begins). Doing so will not only save you from spending extra money on stretching its rental time but will allow your guests to make the most of the party photobooth arrangement.

  • Opt For a Package Which Offers Scrapbook

Scrapbooks serve as wonderful party takeaways for all your guests. It complies of all their self-customised pictures which they can take home as a wonderful souvenir. So, before you pick a package, be sure to ask your party booth provider if they include scrapbook to their list of features. Most top suppliers do include scrapbooks in their packages and so it won’t be too much of a problem for you to find a suitable one.

  • Consider Where You Want To Position the Photobooth

Where you decide you place your party booth is also important for your guests’ photo-clicking experience. For that, you need to consider the location where you intend to set-up the booth. 

Although these fun booths will be the focal point of your event; there will be other modes of entertainment too. To ensure that your guests’ booth experience doesn’t interfere with the dance floor enjoyment; select a spot which is at a decent distance (but not too far) from the dance floor. This will keep both the entertainment separate and even allow your guests to interchange activities once they are done with one.

  • Don’t Pile On All Props At Once 

Most top-quality and feature-laden party photo booth hire packages offered in Melbourne come with an impressive variety of props like a giant sombrero, fake moustache, loony hats, etc. And while it may be tempting for your guests to try all of them at once; they run the risk of not being identifiable in their own photos. 

One smart way to improve everyone’s enjoyment and still make them recognisable in their photos is suggesting them to show restraint in using too many props, at once. Instead; you can recommend them to return to the booth and use a different set of props each time. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem simply because a photo booth arrangement offers unlimited clicks for all your guests, regardless of how many times they visit.

Use these smart tips in your next event to make everyone’s party booth experience memorable. Also when selecting a package, ensure you only trust reputed suppliers offering cheap-priced feature-laden party photo booth hire in Melbourne for all types of celebratory events.

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The author is a reputed supplier of cheap-priced feature-laden party photo booth hire in Melbourne for all types of celebratory events at reasonable industry-standard rates.