Have you recently painted your walls? Are you scared to see your paint peeling off? Well, you don’t need to fret. Most of the Australian homeowners often struggle to maintain their paints due to fluctuation in temperature conditions. Humidity and harsh weather conditions make it difficult for homeowners to preserve their fresh paints in top-notch condition and they often find fresh paint peeling off walls.

Well, you can't leave your home in such an unsightly condition, right? It might seem to be a daunting task to fix peeling paint, but to your surprise, the experts offering painting services in Sydney have come up with 4 smart ways by which you can quickly fix your peeling paints like a pro.

  • Inspect the Actual Place from Where Your Paint is Peeling Off

If you have newly painted your home and suddenly find your paint peeling off the walls, you need to identify the root cause behind the troublesome cause. Well, there can be multiple reasons for such an irritating problem. The leading cause is the humidity as frequent moisture ingress into the woods causes the paint to come out. No matter how much you have splurged on getting your walls painted, if there is excessive dirt on the wall surface, chances are high your paint will loosen soon.

  • Prepare Your Work Place and Take Safety Precautions

Once you have successfully inspected the affected area on which you need to work upon, it's time to prepare your workplace. When it comes to fixing peeling paint, you should equip yourself with safety musk, gloves and glasses to safeguard against harmful lead particles. No matter how much area you need to cover for fixing the peeling paint or the type of paint you have used for your interior decor, you should place a piece of paper or plastic in order to preserve any stray drops of paint. Before you do the task, make sure you remove furniture, home finishing or rugs that are nearby.

  • Strip off Peeling Paint Areas and Perform Necessary Repairs

Once you have prepared your room to fix peeling paint, you need to start removing paint from the affected area. If your paint is easily strippable, you can use a putty knife to strip off the peeling paint. In case, a large portion of your walls is affected, you can use a paintbrush or a scrapper to scuff off the loose paint. Upon successful removal of peeling paint, you might be left with dents or cracks. Before you repaint, you need to treat them well following the instructions of experts offering interior painting in Sydney so that you don’t land up into the same trouble later.

  • Clean the Area and Apply a Strong Primer on the Walls

After repairing the walls, you need to sand the affected space with coarse sandpaper to ensure the wall surface is free of grooves or dents. Once you are done, use a microfiber cloth or a slightly damp sponge to clean the area to be repainted and let it dry well. If moisture ingression was the main culprit behind peeling paint, you need to seal the affected area with a good primer and allow the surface to dry thoroughly. If you have recently given a makeover to your drywalls with a coat of fresh paint and it’s peeling off, you can learn how to fix peeling paint on drywall from the professional painters.

Final Words

Hope these pro tips will help you fix your peeling paint without much struggle. Follow the guidelines properly before repainting your damaged walls.

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The author is working in a renowned company offering painting services in Sydney and has years of experience in interior painting in Sydney.