Email is one of the most personal advertising methods used today. Here are four of the many ways you can improve your email marketing results.

1. Spread the Word – Get others to sign up for your mailing lists with their consent. Spread the word about your mailing list through word of mouth. The beauty in this is that the list of emails will be self-screened and the database will only contain the people who are truly interested in your offers. Practice permission-based email marketing and always, always, ask before you add someone to your list. If you don’t, you can damage your reputation and you may get SPAM penalties, which could lead to the shutdown of your account.

2. Persistence – Before the Internet, they used to say it took about 7 touches to make an impression with an ad. Today, I would guess that number has at least doubled. Therefore, you need to reach out to your clients and prospects at least once a month. Keep in mind that just because you emailed a list of people and had little or no response, it does not mean that your audience isn’t interested in your product or service. They are reading your messages and mulling over the information that you are providing them. Also, experiment with different emails, get to know which email strategy works the best, and keep using it to reach out to your audience.

3. They Want Useful Information – Emails should contain something that the customer wants. It shouldn’t be just a summary of your company or just another sale. Focus on giving more than just what you sell. Specific content, messages, a personal experience, and other targeted information that interests your customers will be well-received. For example, if you were selling makeup, you may want to include general advice on how to apply makeup.

4. Email Deliverability – Graphics, Flash animations and logos are often blocked by email filters. Although they look impressive, they may lower your impression statistics. Check to see if your email marketing provider offers the option to use both an HTML and a plain text option for sending emails. I recommend using both so that if the HTML message is blocked, the plain text message will get through.

In summary, remember to spread the word, be persistent and add useful information and you will see an increased number of opened emails!


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