If you spend all day at the computer and lower your shoulders when eating, you are probably familiar with the dull and aching back pain. American Chiropractic Association claims that almost 80 percent of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. And the Centers for Disease Control assume that women are more prone to suffer from back issues than men.

Besides the greater likelihood of lower back pain, women are also more likely to discount their painful and unpleasant sensations. The fact is that women ignore back pain much more often than men. They usually put their medical needs at the end of the to-do list.

But you shouldn’t neglect any painful sensations you may feel, no matter how strong or busy you are. In this case, crossing your fingers and hoping that your health issues disappear won’t help and you can even cause irreparable damage. It is quite obvious that you need to visit a doctor if you feel that your well-being is poor. W

We gathered four signs that you shouldn’t neglect your back pain NJ and make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible if you experience at least one of them:

1. Your back pain is combined with balance problems
With age, women have an increased risk of developing fractures associated with osteoporosis. If you feel any kind of back pain or notice that your walk is unbalanced, you need to undergo an examination as soon as possible. It is also recommended to start working with physiotherapists if you feel off-kilter. Gait training can be helpful as well as learning how to fall without causing much harm.

2. Your back pain is accompanied by leg pain
If you feel a streak of pain coming from the back or buttocks going down the entire leg and foot, this is a sign that there may be some nerve root irritation. Despite the fact that it is likely to disappear on its own, nerve root irritation can lead to tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, and constant pain. Near 90% of people who are suffering from this condition may avoid surgery because there are many non-invasive procedures such as massage, stretching, physiotherapy to increase core strength, and application of heat which can relieve symptoms.

3. Your back pain is combined with bowel or bladder problems
Another combination of symptoms that should never be neglected is groin numbness and bowel or bladder incontinence. This serious manifestation of symptoms can be a sign of cauda equina syndrome. It is a rare disease that puts a lot of pressure on the nerves in the lower spinal cord connected to the pelvic organs. Cauda equina syndrome can be so dangerous that it requires urgent surgery. Some studies have shown that if this condition is not cured for 48 hours, you may not be able to fully recover.

4. Your back pain is accompanied by lameness
If you feel weakness in the legs on each side of the body or are limping, you should consult a doctor to eliminate possible nerve damage as soon as possible. If you ignore this condition, muscle weakness can become constant. People who have problems with the spine, shouldn’t limp or have a “funny walk”. A timely visit to the doctor can prevent more serious conditions and permanent problems.

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