Having a great sex life great is almost everyone’s ultimate desire. It can not only boost your self-confidence but also help you build an unconditional bond with your partner. A healthy sex life makes you feel connected with both your own as well as your partner’s body and can take your relationship to new heights.

However, while we all try various methods to make our lovemaking sessions more intense and memorable, sometimes we tend to underestimate ourselves without knowing that we are actually having the best time under the sheets. In fact, many sex experts believe that a large percentage of people are unaware of the fact that they are having a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

Let us now check out the 4 proven signs that indicate you’re having the best sex of your life:

You have a positive body image

Satisfying sex can totally change your perception towards your body as it can make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Remember, feeling confident plays a key role in your sex life. When you feel attractive and desirable, you have a good sense of sexual esteem and enjoy every moment of togetherness with your partner.

You ask what you want

Good sex is all about good communication. If you’re able to express yourself freely to your partner, tell him/her what you desire, and share your sexual fantasies, it is a clear sign that you have a healthy sex life. In fact, the excitement to explore different things and feeling at ease in front of your partner are some of the key elements of a good sex life.

You give your partner enough time

Spending quality time, sexually or otherwise, is a clear indication that you are actually happy around your partner. When you carve out time to do exciting things irrespective of your work commitments, make sex a priority, and your partner reciprocates in the same manner, it’s a sign that you’re both emotionally and physically happy. Your face will start to glow with the mere thought of seeing your partner.

You are happy outside the bedroom

When you have a great sex life, you cherish every moment of togetherness with your partner. You’ll only get good vibes, feel relaxed, and keep thinking about the time when you’ll get to see him/her again. You’ll always be in high spirits, whether you’re at your workplace, gym, or a client meeting.

Good sex can do wonders for your relationship as well as your overall health. All you need to do is build better communication with your partner and explore different activities together to spice things up. You can also try different types of condoms like Manforce stamina or pleasure condoms to further improve your sex life.

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