After going through several divorces, it becomes easy for the divorce lawyers to figure out a shaky relationship from the one which would last a lifetime. Having seen several couples fight out till the end or give up the fight in favor of their love, they know the ground rules of how to make a marriage work. Just a few minutes in a room with a couple and they knew if their marriage had chances of ending in a divorce or not. Here are some signs that show if the marriage would fall apart or not.

1.The Couples Give Each Other Silent Treatment.

Everyone has differences, but if couples decide to stay quiet about it and not talk it out, the problems would never go away. For fighting to remain a healthy activity, it should always end in a discussion to make things better. Blocking each other out ends in a disaster.

2.Little in Common

Opposites do attract, but for a marriage to last, it is important that the couple come up with few things, common grounds they can talk about and enjoy together. Being poles apart in nature, likes, dislikes, and preferences even is a sign of an unhealthy marriage.

3.No fights
Fighting is considered a sign of healthy relationship. If a couple doesn’t fight at all this means that they both are not true to each other and are holding themselves back due to compromises they are making. In the longer run, the bubble bursts and that is when the trouble in paradise starts.

4.Financial Matters Are Kept Private
For a marriage to work, it is important that both the partners are open about their spending and discuss the financial situation openly and honestly. Failing to do so would result in mistrust and animosity between the two that will cause problems in the longer run.

A marriage which is built on one of the above mentioned grounds causes nothing but a whole lot of emotional distress. It is possible to contact a divorce lawyer and discuss these problems with him if you think that the relationship is finally pulling you down and suffocating you emotionally. The divorce lawyers will work with the emotional distress that has been caused to you to see how they need to proceed from there. So if you have been suffering for long, then it is about time you bring an end to it. Talk to an emotional distress lawyer from Divorce attorney NYC ( ) today and have him guide you.

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