There are lots of semi-automatic rifles that you can consider when you’re looking for a good experience at the shooting range. Many of these types of weapons have improved over the years. Here are just a few of the ones that you’ll want to try out on your next excursion.

Remington R-25

This weapon offers you the advantage of having very little recoil while still being extremely accurate. Another benefit of this model is that it’s also fast on the uptake. What this means for your shooting experience is that you can impress all of your friends with your marksmanship skills. This improved performance may be aided through the fact that this gun is lighter weight and has better sighting abilities than similar guns in its class.

Freedom Ordnance FX-9

Shopping for a 9mm semi-automatic rifle often means that you need to weed through tons of reviews to find the right model. For a truly unique experience at the shooting range, a 9mm rifle may be the right weapon for you. This low recoiling gun makes it easier to stay focused when you’re shooting. Being able to focus can mean the difference between hitting the target and having to try again. The simple design may appeal to you because it brings back childhood memories.

Barrett Rec 7

The advantage of this type of weapon is that you can still wear your gloves and not have to worry about not being able to engage the trigger. This is because the trigger guard was widened and the stock is adjustable through six different positions. It’s considered the most powerful of the AR class while still remaining lightweight. This is in part due to the new firing mechanism and the new carbine firing chamber that allows it to fire cleaner and cooler than other models of a similar classification.

Stag Arms Hunter

This weapon is designed for taking down big game. While this can often mean that the recoil is nothing to sneeze at, the newer design enables you to not experience it. The two-stage match trigger and corrosion resistant finish make this gun something that you’ll want to include on your next shooting excursion. Another good feature about this type of weapon is its accuracy. You’ll be able to hit the target from around 250 yards away.

A semi-automatic rifle can be fun to take out for your next target practice session. Start with these models so that you can get a feel for the power that each has to offer.

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