Accepting your own mortality with grace and dignity can be a difficult process. Many people are left with scant little time to accept their own mortality, and you must prepare as best you can for the inevitable. This article explains four methods that allow you to find peace when you know that the end might be near for you or someone you love.

1. Make Peace

Many people choose not to make peace with others at the end of their lives due to fear. Making peace with family and friends is a necessary part of letting go. These people are likely hoping for a chance to make peace, and you should give them the chance to make things right with you. These conversations may be the hardest of your life, but they are well worth having in your final days.

2. Finalize Your Will

A will seems so final when people realize that it will be executed upon their death. The details of your will must be ironclad, and you should go over it again with the person who is likely to administer it. Choosing to forgo this part of the process forces your loved ones to guess your wishes when you are gone. Skipping over this process only brings you anxiety in your final hours.

3. Hospice Care

Many people choose to forgo hospice care because it feels like giving up. The goal of hospice care is not to give up at all. Hospice care professionals from Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care and similar organizations work vigorously to make patients comfortable in their final days, weeks and months. The choice to go on hospice care is a difficult one, but it is a choice that must be made for everyone's comfort.

4. Bring Everyone Together In Joy

Part of accepting your own mortality is having everyone in your family come together in joy. The most joyous families can help you accept your own mortality by letting you know that they will live in joy after you are gone. Do not avoid these difficult meetings near the end. You must give your family comfort as a final gift to them.

Accepting your mortality is easiest when you have thought about it with a clear conscience. You must follow the four suggestions in this article so that you and your family can have peace in the end. Avoiding these topics causes sorrow, but facing them head-on creates joy in the midst of pain.

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