Finding a partner for a long-term commitment is a serious venture indeed. First, you have to be honest about your intentions and plans the moment you realize the person you’re seeing is the right relationship material. Second, you have to learn to interpret the signals they’re sending you properly because people often unconsciously use others for their selfish goals so you have to be extra careful. Either way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just started experimenting with BBW dating sites or aren’t quite sure what to next with the cute guy you met a couple of weeks ago in the bar, here are 5 golden rules you should stick to in case you want a serious relationship.

#1 Affirmation is the key

Looking for a partner might be classified a romantic endeavor but it is still a project that requires a lot of hard work and positive attitude. This means that you should have the right mindset that will even make the universe work for your cause. The constant setbacks you might be encountering are the sign that you’re not still quite ready to start with something serious so do make sure not to rush into anything just because everyone says it’s the right thing to do.

#2 Online dating also has its rules

Believe it or not, online dating is not just about creating a profile and then waiting for something to happen. Passivity is clearly not an option, same as in the real life, and there are even some neat psychological tricks that can help you attract only the people who might be your right match. One of the common problems that happen during the online dating is that people lose their focus more often than in traditional dating, due to so many options that are suddenly at their fingertips. And if you want a serious relationship you have to be active and explore all possibilities and potential matches before you make a final call and decide to translate things in the real life.

#3 Be straightforward

This might sound scary at first but it actually isn’t, especially if you have your goals and desires visualized in your mind all the time. And if you happen to notice that your dating partner gets slightly annoyed every time you mention the next date or anything similar or has vague responses like: “I’ll try to see you then”, there is no doubt that they are clearly not on the same page with you. Don’t be afraid of these downfalls and move on to the next prospect immediately.

#4 Read between the lines

Are you not reluctant to include the person you’re dating in your fun plans? Do you feel comfortable inviting them over to your place and then watching them sit on the sofa while you’re busy doing dishes or ironing the shirt you’re going to wear next day at work? These are all small yet important signals that are unequivocally saying that you’re ready to move forward to the next stage of a relationship and the person you’re dating is feeling the same way.

Have you tried any of these yet? Do you think we missed to mention anything important? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur