Did you know that India is the second-largest Bitcoin nation in Asia? We are an active player in the crypto market and that is because we are curious to learn more about this new age of digital currency. Furthermore, since the supreme court retracted the ban on cryptocurrencies in India, the trading volumes has multiplied and still continues to grow.

Now that we are into this new financial instrument known as Bitcoin, might as well dig deep and learn some essential aspects of it.

Risks associated with Bitcoin Investment

Let us try to understand the risks that come along with it.


Cryptocurrencies as an asset are extremely volatile just like stocks and gold, sometimes even more. However, volatility is also what makes Bitcoin even more lucrative. A highly volatile asset has the potential to move considerably in any direction possible. When the movement is positive, you can earn more money but when it is negative, you lose some. And, as much as we understand there is a risk when it comes to investing in Bitcoin, it can be equally rewarding if not more.

It is under-regulation

Bitcoin is a sub-set and it comes under the umbrella of cryptocurrencies and yes, the market is still under regulation. However, you need to factor in that it is built on a life-changing technology such as blockchain. By nature, the functionality and operations of Bitcoin are quite complicated and tricky. Thus, it is not easy for the government to define a standard framework for their operation. Nobody has complete control over such a technology, and it becomes challenging day after day for the government to monitor something they absolutely have no say over.

Rewards associated with Bitcoin Investment

Now that we know what are some of the risks associated with Bitcoin, let us now talk about the rewards that it holds.

Asymmetric returns

The thing that risk and reward have in common when talking about Bitcoin is that it is asymmetric. In layman words, Bitcoin has the capability to provide you with a much higher return when compared to the level of risk you want to take.

It has a superior store of value (SOV)

Things that have a great store of value, if you retain them it may increase their value over a period of time. For instance, in real estate, when you purchase it is valued at a certain amount and after few years not only retains but increases in value. The same is the case with Bitcoin.

No One has any control over it

Bitcoin is decentralized which means that no person or any authority can control your funds. No one can just come and say that you can’t access your funds, they don’t have the right. You are in full control of your money, you can access them anytime and anywhere via mobile and an internet connection.

Bottom Line

Through the last few years, Bitcoin has turned into one of the most sought assets. If you are planning to buy Bitcoin in India then don’t think twice about it. Opt for a great cryptocurrency exchange and get trading and buying!

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