When dealing with bathrooms and renovations, the experts are known to come across numerous problems such as pest infestation under the bathtubs, the presence of asbestos, floors that aren’t levelled, leaking taps behind the tiles and several others that need to be rectified and is often done right in no time. While such problems do get resolved in no time with the right actions, there is this major problem that the face where they get the task to make a small bathroom look spacious.

While most people have these problems with using small bathrooms as there is less space to move around, it can be used by a single person at a time and also give you those negative vibes the first thing in the morning. Well, what the experts for bathroom renovations in Melbourne say is that even a small bathroom can be made to look spacious when special techniques are put to use. Here are a few of them.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Make use of large floor tiles

When it comes to laying tiles on the floor, do not make use of small tiles that help out with numerous grout lines. The tiling experts in Melbourne agree that the grout lines are what constricts the floor space and make it look small and clumsy. Instead, you could lay large floor tiles that cover up a lot of space at once which giving about that consistent feel to the floor while also having to spend less on purchasing a lot of times for the bathroom. Using the same for the walls give that seamless look while making the room look a bit spacious.

Keeping essential components hidden

When there is a wall why not make the best use of it but hiding things in them. Clean lines on the wall give that no-clutter feel without having to miss out on the essentials. Hiding the cistern behind the wall putting up a storage cabinet behind the mirror, setting the pipes behind the tiles are a few techniques that are known to clear off a lot of things from the sight while giving that open and spacious look despite having a small bathroom.

Analyse the essentials

There are times when people like to keep more than one storage cabinets in the bathroom where one is used for the towels and one for the toiletries. Try reducing the cabinet to one while accommodating both together. If it is a small bathroom, consider not making use of a bathtub as that is known to take up a lot of space. You could build a walk in shower where you get to have a nice bath and may probably shift the bathtub to another room.

Avoid exquisite details

If you have an eye for detail and intend to select specially patterned tiles for the basin area and make it look attractive forget about those and try to keep things simple. The more complicated you make, the area looks even more cramped. Let the same tiles be installed all over the place and keep things simple unless you have plans for expansion.

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