If you are a homeowner, you have probably become well-acquainted with various DIY projects. Completing home projects yourself is an excellent way to save money – but how do you know when to DIY and when to call in the professionals? When it comes to household pests, you can often take care of smaller issues yourself. If you see a mouse or a cockroach, for instance, you can set a trap. But there are times when do-it-yourself methods are not sufficient to rid your home of pests. When do you need to step back from the roach motel and call in professional pest control services?

There are various reasons why it is a good idea to call Melbourne and Brevard pest control professionals. Here are some scenarios when expert attention is needed to rid your home of troublesome pests:

- If there is an infestation. Carpenter ants are swarming your home. You spend your nights lying in bed, imaging them eating through your walls. This is a perfect time to call in the pros! There are some pests that are hard to treat on your own, including carpenter ants, termites, and bed bugs. They can be resistant to DIY measures, and in the case of carpenter ants and termites, they can cause a significant amount of structural damage. Termites cause $1.5 billion in damage a year.

Dr. Bill Kern, entomologist at the University of Florida, says, “...they can literally have hundreds of thousands to millions of termites that will come and its conceivable that you can have an entire wall of your house eaten out in a matter of months.” Carpenter ants are no slouches either and can be a threat to homes, especially in Florida because there is no hard winter.

- If you notice shed skin, blood specks, or fecal matter that looks like pepper spray, you have bedbugs. These critters are incredibly hard to find. You may also have itchy red spots on your skin, very similar to a mosquito bite. If you suspect you have bedbugs, call professional Brevard or Melbourne pest control services immediately. These bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate from the home. Not all exterminators are specifically trained to handle bedbugs, so make sure you get only the most qualified services.

- If you have pests that have been resistant to your removal attempts, including ants, roaches, bees, or mice, professional help is necessary to make sure they are eliminated from your house. Sometimes infestations become entrenched, and you may remove surface traces without affecting the larger source.

- If you are buying a home, get a professional pest inspection. If you find out after you sign a binding contract or after you've completed your sale that your new home has termites, you could be facing thousands of dollars in damage. Whether it is termites, carpenter ants, or cockroaches, you should certainly know what you're getting into – or rather what is getting into your home.

Sometimes, pests are resistant to DIY efforts. Knowing when to call in professional pest control services is key in making sure you feel comfortable in your house and yard, but that pests do not.

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Article Source: Slug-A-Bug Blog