One way that sneaker owners customize their sneakers is by changing the color of their laces. Proud sneaker owners will tend to dye their shoelaces so that they get the precise color.

It might be both, expensive and hard to find the specific color that you prefer. So from a glance, it does sound like a novel idea to dye your shoelaces to a different color. But here are four reasons why you shouldn’t, especially with affordable no tie laces available online.

Working with dyes is messy and time-consuming.

Dyeing cotton shoelaces is a large commitment. You need plenty of time, resources, and a viable workspace, in order to successfully dye your shoes. You are required to spend a lot of time gathering resources for this endeavor, and many people who have second thoughts about dyeing their shoelaces end up not doing it to prevent the likelihood of a spill. A shoelace recoloring project could easily turn into a furniture or floor rescue mission. You could instead order a pack of no tie laces in the colors that you want.

Colors might not be permanent.

Whereas good, professional dyes might be messy and hard to clean, dyes that are easier to clean may not last very long. Whether you might want a dye that is easier to clean in the event of a mishap, or you are looking to save money, getting a cheaper dye means getting a dye that is lesser in quality. You might follow all the directions on how to properly dye your sneaker laces, but because your sneakers are always exposed to the elements of the outdoors, such as water, wind, and dirt, that the dye may not last long. The only way to be sure that you have sneakers with color that last forever is to get no tie shoelaces near me.

Colors might change or fade over time.

If you are adamant on dyeing your cotton shoelaces, and insist that you’ll be very careful in the process, that’s fine. But let’s say you do have good quality dye, and you do apply it on properly. Paints and dyes are still known to behave in the most interesting of ways. Even if you get the shade or color you want, the color might turn to a slightly darker shade as it dries, making it a color that looks less appealing to you. One idea in response to this might be to mix the dye to a lighter shade or buy a lighter shade of dye, but odds are, you might not know how to do this in a favorable manner or there isn’t a slightly lighter dye/dyes available to you. With that in mind, no tie laces have the colors that you want, and are guaranteed to not fading or change color over time.

What are you going to do with the rest of your dye?

If you are looking to dye your shoelaces, you might not have a dye that is available for a whole set of laces. Dyes come in jars and bottles, and after you dye your shoelaces, odds are that you will still have most of the dye remaining, and with no reason to use it.

Dye can be toxic or hazardous if you inhale it or get exposed to it, so even if you are just storing it indefinitely, there is always a chance that it can affect you negatively in some way. If you don’t want to deal with a bottle of dye afterwards, then all the more reason to get no tie laces in the color of your choice.

Order some no tie laces in the color of your choice to skip the dyeing process completely. No tie laces also remove the process of having to tie your sneakers, so there are plenty of other benefits to replacing your cotton shoelaces with elastic ones.

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