“When Boots and Shoes are torn up to the lefts, Cobblers must thrust their awls up to the hefts.”

If a person thinks that the job of a cobbler is confined only to shoe repairing, then it is not that. A cobbler's role goes beyond this— to footwear styling. A pair of shoes has a lot to do in its entire lifetime. It has to walk down the allies, rough terrain, and city roads. It is true that the everyday pair of the shoes. It has a lifetime and therefore, witness considerable wear and tear of the sole as a person uses it. This leads to a replacement of even the "favourite" pair of shoes with a new one. In the meantime, people forget to contact the cobblers to get them restored.

The following are some of the reasons why a help from the cobbler is going to get the things done correctly-

  1. It's not only about STYLE; it is about UTILITY

The cobblers are not only meant to mend the shoes for the style; they make sure that these can be customised as per the utility. The shoemakers at times can also design the footwear according to the requirement or utility. They ascertain that the shoes they manufacture fit the person who is ordering, in the most convenient way.

  1. Save the Extra Bucks in Buying a New One

Well, when a repair is going to get the things done, it is recommended not to waste money on buying an extra pair of shoes. A cobbler makes sure that it not only fixes your shoe but also do all the possible to make it look new. The wide ranges of services that are included are adding of the leather, sewing of the straps, polishing or repair the sole or the heels. Thorough services of shoe repairs in Melbourne are always going to make the shoes look brand new.

Shoe Repairs in Melbourne

  1. Once in a Lifetime Repair

Cobblers make sure that the repair they perform should last long. Therefore, the person who is getting the shoes repaired is ascertained for one season but for years. Experts believe that small DIY repairs are good for short terms; however, a mending done by a cobbler is for the lifetime.

  1. Praises in Bunches Everywhere!

Once a shoe is handed to a cobbler, it always makes sure that the best should be done to restore its originality. Everything needs to be precise— from the stitches to the sticking. Any fault in any of these is always going to make the person wearing the pair of shoes to feel uncomfortable.

It is also kept in mind, that the wear and tear of the sole is appropriately attended. Any depletion should be repaired instantaneously. The cobblers from the reputed Melbourne shoe shops say that most of the accidents of slipping on a wet surface are only because of the worn out sole.


It is right that a skilled cobbler or shoe shop is always able to bring the pair of shoes from old to new. No matter how dirtier the footwear is; they always make sure that their efforts are towards bringing the shoes back to life. Over the years, the shoe companies have mastered the art of ensuring shining shoes after repair.

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