When it comes to keeping the house secured from miscreants, it is a step that every homeowner takes where right from installing security cameras to putting up security alarms, steps are taken to ensure maximum protection. When it comes to moving to a new house or probably living in a particular place for years with no security measures taken to protect the house, there is always this need to get security audits done.

Security audits are generally conducted by professional teams who come along to check the level of security the house would need and all possible ways of being attacked. After the assessment or audit, you get an idea on how to take the necessary measures.

Here is what that is assessed and the steps to be taken accordingly follows that.

The Vulnerable Areas in the House Are Pointed Out

When the auditors come over to your house, they have a checklist that allows them to first assess the house in every possible way. It includes whether the doors and windows have the right locking systems, whether the condition of the locks is good or bad, is the boundary wall capable of keeping miscreants into entering the premise and the location of the house (on the busy area or a quiet neighbourhood).

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Pointing Out the Role of Each Family Member in the Safekeeping of the House

There are times when both the parents have professional commitments to attend to, and the kids stay behind in the care of a babysitter or probably an elderly at home. The auditors assess whether the babysitter or the elderly caretaker is capable of protecting the house or probably raising the alarm whenever there is an attack or a similar situation that arises. If not, necessary actions are taken to ensure better security.

Taking Measure to Fix the Problem Areas

When a security auditor comes over and points out problem areas in the house, you get to take necessary actions accordingly like fixing broken locks, mending gates or probably broken fences, replacing broken window panes, replacing fused lights in the exposed areas, etc. Another important thing that you can do is to replace old locks with new ones especially when you have moved in anytime now. This prevents the old owner or probably a miscreant to not come in without notice.

The Security Steps to Be Taken

Once the auditing is done with, the next step comes is the need for the installation of security systems. While security systems come in numerous forms, the most common ones are the CCTV cameras and the home alarm systems. CCTV cameras vary in lens quality as well as the placement of them. The better the lens quality, the better is the identification of the troublemaker. The placement of the cameras also plays an important role where often the front and the back doors are avoided by them and so placing them on the sides of the house catches them red-handed.

The same goes for installation of home alarm in Perth where it should be placed in an area which is accessible by all, and necessary information is to be conveyed on when to switch on the alarm and create awareness.

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The author has had close associations with those that deal with installation of home alarm in Perth and writes this article to let people know about the importance of security audits by professionals who also excel in installing security cameras in Perth.