Starting your own business can be intimidating. You are taking a big gamble venturing out on your own, with no guarantees that you are going to succeed.

However, flanked by a life coach, you can be assured of the support you need to attain your career goals. Statistics show that there are more than 16,000 life coaches in the US. This means that whatever your goal or personality type, you will surely find someone with the experience to guide you.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring a life coach, or you are wondering how they can help you and your business, here are the four benefits of hiring a life coach.

1. Life Coaching Helps You Overcome Your Fears.

You can’t go far as a solopreneur without guts. Therefore, if you are fearful in any way, the fear is going to hold you back.

A life coach will assist you through any crisis. To do this, your coach will push you to get out of your comfort zones and let you see that the only thing holding you back is your fear. After conquering fear, the things you were always scared of will not be scary anymore.

2. Outside Opinion

When running your own business, you are probably working with your partner or alone. Often, the only opinions you get are from the people who are close to you. These are your friends, co-workers, employees and even family.

A life coach isn’t like the people within your close circles. They represent an objective outsider who helps you to keep perspective.

A good life coach will not hesitate to tell you the truth however uncomfortable it might be with you.

This is why it’s important that when you are shopping for a life coaching professional, you insist on someone who is very honest. You don’t need someone who tells you what you want to hear.

3. You Get to Focus on Your Tasks at Hand.

As an employed person, you are constantly reminded by your boss on what to do so that you remain on task. But when you decide to go solo, there is no one watching over your shoulder. The good news is that a life coach can be that overbearing boss.

With a life coach, you know there is someone that you will hold to account for things you desire in your life. Your coach will be there to help you reach your goals and stop you from going in circles. While life coaches certainly don’t fix your life, they can help you to manage it.

4. A Chance to Connect with Someone in Your Niche

Oftentimes, life coaches are greatly experienced in their own industry. When hiring a life coaching professional, it’s advisable to go for someone who has achieved targets and goals similar to yours.
Such a life coach knows what you are going through, and can help you with the resources, as well as connect you with important people in your industry.


A life coach can help you in different spheres of your life. But nowhere is a life coach more important than to your business. A good life coach can help you overcome your fears, and provide that objective outside opinion that even your closest family members won’t tell you.

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