Privilege cards and offers are important essentials of marketing programs planned to build consumer loyalty. Customers can apply for discount cards or privilege cards offered by companies that sell products or services that they purchase regularly. The cards offer consumers with such reimbursement as discounts on future purchases or such privileges as access to a members’ lounge at an airport. Privilege cards may be free to customers or may incur a charge if they offer high-value privileges.

Below are 4 Reasons to be addicted to Privilege cards

1. Added Value for Consumers

Discount cards give companies an opportunity to offer value for their consumers. Offline customers may obtain exclusive offers or deals in the form of loyalty points that they can exchange for other commodities or services.

These added-value services distinguish small business owners from their competitors and may offer a motivation to purchase from the corporation that offers the extras.

2. Increased ROI

Business owners can structure their membership programs and discount offers to persuade higher purchase. They may offer selected discounts or additional rewards to consumers who had already spent above a certain level. Business owners can also offer diverse categories of membership programs to consumers who commit to spending at an agreed-on level. The method might offer silver, gold and platinum membership cards, each with corresponding levels of benefit.

3. More shopper Data and Insights

Membership cards that integrate magnetic chips facilitate businesses to record data at the point of sale and put together a picture of individual customers’ spending patterns and preferences. These data allow them to build up a comprehensive understanding of their consumer base and construct personalized promotional campaigns that build stronger customer relationships. A merchant might propose individual customers a series of discount vouchers based on their most repeated purchases.

4. Better Loyalty

Customers who receive customized discount vouchers are more expected to prolong purchasing the same brand name to benefit from the offer. Privilege cards can also build up a solid customer's connection to a company, predominantly if the shopper enjoys high-value deals and privileges

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Miyamiya Privilege Card is a special privilege and guaranteed discount facility, created and managed by Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt Ltd. Miyamiya Privilege Card ensures a guaranteed discount for our card holders from our registered merchants as well as service providers.