These days more and more schools are cropping up at almost every city for providing training on how to drive.  An assortment of special deals is being offered by some institutes which is really cheap for attracting more and more customers. They are becoming quite common currently, and they are also able to convince many people to come to them and go for the offer. But the question is whether they are really able to get the service for which they have invested. This is because with these offers the business can hardly cover the overhead cost and so it is very doubtful what they are able to give to their customers.

Driving Lessons Newcastle

Below are enlisted some of the reasons why these inexpensive offers should be avoided.

  • Sitting parked up inside the car for most of the lessons – This is one of the most common complaints that you will get from most of the customers who have opted for this type of service. For the major part of the lesson the pupils just sit locked up inside the car getting theoretical instructions. This is how these companies cut the extra cost. They save more fuel and have less wear and tear on their vehicle by providing less practical training.
  • Taking more time for preparing you – Naturally if half the time is spent inside the car with theoretical instructions instead of the practical ones, it will take much more time for you to prepare for the test. As a result, you will have to double the class timing. Thus, you have to spend much more and take the test at a later period than you initially planned.
  • Stay back for a longer period – For this type of a Newcastle driving school, you may have to stay back for covering up the deal. For example, if you go for a 10 hours deal you have to stay back 3 or more hours just to complete the hours. This may not be always liked or even possible more so if you are unhappy with the services that they are offering.
  • Trainers not capable enough: In these types of deals, usually the trainers are inexperienced and not capable enough to guide you in every step. When you are paying up a certain amount of money, you will obviously look for a certain standard of service. But in case of these inexpensive training courses, you won’t be entitled to such attention.

This is the reason why it is always advisable that you should always check before going for any Newcastle driving lessons. You may end up losing more in the name of saving some extra bucks.


Author's Bio: 

The author Ron Spencer has recently opted for a Newcastle driving school and is quite satisfied with the services of the same.