Property management is a fast-paced business which requires a specific skill set. Not everyone is meant to be a property manager, and when hiring one, you must make the difference between the amateurs and the pros. Here are some of the traits that make a property manager successful in the business. 

  • A property manager should be pleasant, but at the same time firm in his approach. 
  • He or she should be communicative but not persuasive
  • The organization is key to the business, but it doesn’t mean being obsessive
  • A property manager should be calm in the approach, but be careful that he or she doesn’t come off as apathetic
  • A successful property manager should be truthful but refrain from oversharing. 
  • Any job success should require that one keeps learning and growing rather than being arrogant
  • A successful property manager should be passionate about his or her vocation

There is more to it than that, but these are the main highlights that the very best property management firm in Adelaide should possess. Most of the managers that you will be able to find out only maintain some of the traits and not all of them, and you should be extra cautious while appointing them. They don’t need to be perfect, and in most cases, they can’t, but there needs to be a pursuit for something greater, an urge to be more significant that will keep them in the profession. The managers that strive to achieve the traits are best suited for managing your property, for keeping your property occupied, and the tenants happy. Here are some of the questions that you should ask a prospective property manager. 

  1. What are the varied services that you provide to your clients? 

You need to find a management company that takes care of your unique needs. A property management firm has to market, manage, lease or sell the property. You have to ensure from beforehand that the maintenance they provide is best in class, the inspections they conduct is professional, and the background checks they administer is thorough.

  1. How many rental units can you handle?

This question will help you grasp the size of their company. Too less rental units indicate inexperience, or it may be that they have lost previous clients due to poor service. Too many rental units and chances are you will end up getting neglected or ignored in the process. So, you should look for the ideal property management company with 200 to 500 rental units. That will hit the spot just right. 

  1. What experience does your owner have in rental management? 

While some company owners are well seasoned in managing rental properties, some have never even managed one property unit. If the company owner is inexperienced in managing a rental, how will he or she provide you with a productive investment? 

  1. How do you decide upon the rent amount? 

A property manager should be able to conduct a complete analysis of all the properties in your area and come up with the highest possible rent amount by doing a comparative market study. They should also have adequate experience to take into consideration the unique aspects of your property, like a kitchen or a pool, when determining the value. 

There are many property managers near Adelaide, but not all of them are seasoned in the ways of the vocation. So, you should be careful in placing your best bet – in other words, you should conduct a thorough interview before appointing any one at your service.


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The owner of one of the best property management companies in Adelaide, the author, is one of the biggest employers of property managers near Adelaide. Besides running a successful organization, the author indulges in writing blogs for the web to make the customers aware of the many aspects of a property management service.