Have you recently installed a new carpet? Is it becoming a bit black at the edges? Well, you don’t need to panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your carpet instantly or repent on the quality that you have purchased. Filtration soiling is a common problem with carpets and you will be surprised to know there are easy and flexible ways to prevent it. While some areas can be treated on your own, other areas need expert touch for efficient cure. Take a sneak peek with this post and check out the effective ways to remove the grubby marks once and for all.

What Causes Carpet Filtration Soiling?

Filtration soiling is a technical term which denotes dark, gray lines that appears mainly on the edges of carpet and it acts as an infiltration system for dust and other airborne pollutants. 

In short, when air inside your room finds no way to escape due to absence of adequate ventilation system, it tries to escape through gaps underneath the doors, floorboards, skirting boards or tiny holes on the carpet. When air filters through the gaps, it allow outside dirt to accumulate on the fibres that turns into dark spots which you might consider to be mold. Whether you have installed carpet at home or in office, you should have proper ventilation systems in order to prevent filtration soiling.

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Filtration Soiling on Your Expensive Masterpiece

At times, when you see black marks at the edges of your carpet, it’s often due to accumulation of airborne particles such as soot, smoke, dust, and other micro particles for which you need carpet cleaning services in Adelaide. If your house is situated just beside the main road, it’s likely these grubby marks may develop due to pollutants released from vehicle emissions. 

Various indoor sources such as burning candles, cigarettes, fireplaces are also the major culprits behind carpet filtration soiling. No matter how stubborn they may turn out to be, you can easily tackle them with a few precautions. 

  • Avoid Smoking Indoors: Smoking is not only detrimental to your health but also for your costly masterpiece. Moreover, it’s a major cause of filtration soiling on your carpet. 
  • Don’t Apply Strong Chemicals: If you prefer DIY techniques, you must be aware of certain chemicals such as aerosol sprays and airborne contaminants into the room. It’s better to apply eco-friendly soil filtration carpet cleaner in order to avoid further damage.
  • Keep Your Indoors Dust-Free: Even though you perform regular upkeep of your home, you can’t control dust and air-borne particles from coming in. So, it’s better to opt for domestic cleaning services in Adelaide for vacuuming once a week.
  • Stay Away from Your Obsession for Candles: Even if you are fond of decorating your room with candles, you need to control your obsession as they produce a lot of smoke. As an alternative, you can go for smokeless candles that won’t spoil your carpet.

Bottom Line

What if your carpet is already showing signs of filtration soiling? If situation gets out of your control, you need to replace your carpet. Else, you can hire specialised cleaning experts who can get the job done perfectly with professional equipment. 

Do not let soiling damage the look and feel of your costly masterpiece. Follow the precautions and say bye to filtration soiling once and for all. 

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The author is a professional cleaning expert working in a reputed company offering reliable and affordable carpet cleaning services in Adelaide and domestic cleaning services in Adelaide.