You may have tried to find someone special to share your life with only to be disappointed over and over again. Don’t give up on finding your Soul-mate or worse settle for someone who is more of a roommate than anything else. Even though you probably enjoy your own company, (most spiritually enlightened folks do) wouldn’t it be nice to share your life and grow old with someone special who deeply loves you?

Do you tell yourself, “As soon as I… (lose weight, make more money, move to a new city) then I'll be ready for a new loving relationship?

Did you know that late night sugar cravings (especially chocolate) is really an emotional craving for more intimacy (sweetness) in your life?

If you’ve given up on loving relationships in the past, hopefully I can persuade you to read this article and give love another try. There is magic in loving relationships and you can become a magician transforming your love life into greater fulfillment. It all begins when you learn the four secrets for attracting loving relationships and try my ‘relationship attraction ritual’. I’ve had clients see results in as little as 3 days.

You already know that the fear of intimacy and having low self-esteem can keep loving relationships just beyond your fingertips. You can see it, but never fully grasp it. Most articles focus on those issues as being the major cause for loneliness, but there are more subtle secrets I’m going to share with you. The cool thing is that these four secrets can still work for you even if you’re still holding onto your intimacy fears and haven’t gotten around to strengthening your self-esteem.

Your desire for loving relationships is a natural yearning from your Soul.

The reason why you hunger for loving relationships is precisely because it feeds your Soul and expands your inner power. Relationships bring you the greatest joy by mirroring back to you the beauty and truth of who you are. And at the same time, loving relationships challenge you to face and heal your negativity that limits your ability to experience greater love. Simply put, relationships stretch you to become more of your empowered self.

Do often find yourself attracted to someone spiritually and mentally, but not physically or perhaps you are attracted to 2 out of 3, and believe it’s impossible to have all three levels of attraction with someone? This is a common belief that many people have and it is important for you to open to the possibility of having it all when it comes to a loving committed relationship.

Four Secrets to Attract More Love into Your Life
1st Secret – Explore the Mystery and Magic of Relationships. Loving relationships spark the magic your Soul. Realize that loving relationships are not separate from your spirituality, but instead offers you a powerful way to grow and evolve. When you understand the magic of relationships you can more easily manifest a new love in your life.

Relationship magic emerges from the ‘Law of Synergy’. You’ve heard the biblical quote, “When two or more are gathered in my name, ‘Christ’ (Unconditional Love) ALL things are possible.” This quote describes the magic of relationships that produce the law of synergy.
Synergy simply means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A quick example; You own a deadbolt lock (sitting on the counter) and a wooden front door. These two parts are valuable, however when you bring these two parts together as one, something greater is created. They create security within your home. This is the magic of synergy. Safety and security is the “whole” that emerges when these two unique parts function together as one.

Likewise when two people come together in ‘the name of love’ a synergy is created, and the opportunity for miracles begins to happen in each others lives.
2nd Secret – Relationships are Mirrors that Challenge Your Ego.

A spiritually enlightened individual will have a VERY eclectic group of friends. They focus on bringing love into their relationships rather than trying to get love from their relationships. They develop many ‘loving relationships’ that reflect the many expressions of love. They aren’t looking just for their Soul-mate, but value all loving relationships in their lives.

There are 7 expressions of loving relationships;
1.) Brotherly love
2.) Friendship love
3.) Group ‘Alliance’ love
4.) Romantic/Sensual love
5.) Parental love
6.) Neighborly Love and
7.) Divine love (Spirituality).

Most people think the answer to their loneliness is found in having a ‘one-and-only romantic relationship’ and take the other expressions for granted. If you ‘put all of your eggs into one basket’, you add stress to a potential new romantic relationship, demanding that they meet all of your ‘belonging’ needs. 

When you shift your focus to having many loving relationships and appreciate those relationships you currently have, you can let go of the desperation to ‘find the one-and-only’ and expand the love you currently have in your life. 

3rd Secret – Relationships Opens Your Heart: Being Vulnerable.
Being vulnerable scares most people, as it exposes our weaknesses to another person. However, vulnerability also happens when we expose our power, strength and beauty to another person. I think of artists who shares her creativity with the world is being very courageous and vulnerable, because not everyone is going to value her work. This is one of the major components of the ‘struggling artist’ is a refusal to be vulnerable by exposing their talent to the world.

Vulnerability is admired when we see it in others and is feared when it happens to us. Giving yourself permission to be more vulnerable to your current friends that you deem trustworthy is a great place to start. This alone can quickly open and free the fears locked inside the shadow of your heart.

SOUL-UTIONS CHALLENGE: “Become More Vulnerable and Open”
I love the quote, “A parachute, like the mind only functions when it is open”. Similarly, your Soul’s magic can only happen with an open heart. The quickest way I know to open your heart (other than bypass surgery) is to muster the courage to be more vulnerable.

Technique: List 2 secrets about yourself that are negative and embarrassing. These secrets you should have never told another person. Then list 2-3 of your strengths and talents as well. Next, select a good friend who you trust and share these secrets with them. I call this a challenge because it isn’t “easy” to be vulnerable. If this is really difficult for you, you maybe suffering from low self-esteem and not even know it. You may consider taking my “How to Build your High Self-Esteem and Deepen Your Spiritual Connection” online course.

4th Secret: A Ritual to Attract Loving Relationships.
Enter Solitude: Find a quiet location and close your door. Tell others you don't want to be disturbed for the next 60 minutes. Turn off ALL distracting noises, (televisions, radio, cellphone).

Focus: Have a notebook and pen in you lap. Close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths. Set your intention to connect with your Soul. Then imagine your Soul as a beautiful sphere of white light hovering above you near the ceiling. Visualize the sphere the size of a beach ball.

Ask for your Soul to connect with you and sense it descending to touch the crown of your head. Relax as you feel the warm loving presence descend upon you.
Ask for Healing: Everyone has had painful experiences in one or more of the seven expressions of loving relationships. These scars have wounded your heart. Ask your Soul to heal those scars that stand between you and attracting more love into your life. Then sense your Soul (sphere of light) descending into your chest and surrounding your heart. Breathe easily and relax.

Forgiveness: Ask yourself, Who do I need to forgive in order to attract more love into my life? Then listen. More than likely a person will quickly come to mind, if not immediately be patient and breathe. Feel this warm glowing light opening and healing your heart. You may experience sadness as a buried feeling is lifted from behind your heart. Don’t judge your feelings simply let the tears flow and the pain go. See the person you need to forgive in your mind and tell them, “I forgive you for causing me pain!” Take a deep breath and as you exhale blow their image in your mind away and let go. Your Soul is helping you to make room for greater love to come into your life. Once complete, thank your Soul and return from this meditation.

Journal: Open your eyes and write in your notebook about the type of loving relationships you’d like to attract in the next 30 days. Write about; 1.) Which of the 7 expressions of loving relationships do you want to attract?

2.) What type of person you desire to connect with. List their qualities, such as, open, fun, humorous, responsible, trustworthy, etc. 3.) How will you feel once you have met this new person? When finished, close your notebook and your eyes once again.

3.) Visualize: Visualize yourself surrounded by a peach/pink colored light. Imagine you can see the energy of your aura. Sense it surrounding you and extending 2 feet from your body. Next, imagine yourself at a party with your new relationships, feel the love and gratitude you have for having these wonderful new people in your life. As you feel loved, sense your aura (energy) expanding until it fills the entire room. Others begin to notice and appreciate you at this party, let yourself be loved by everyone in the room. End the meditation when you are ready.
Return: Within 3 days, you may get the urge (intuition) to rekindle an old friendship from high school or join a new hobby or interest group.

4.) Be courageous (vulnerable) and make a few new social connections. When you find yourself in social settings, visualize your aura as a peach/pink color expanding beyond your normal comfort zone. Also, read over your notebook from time to time during the 30 days to remind yourself of the loving relationships you’d like to attract.

You now know the 4 secrets which includes a powerful 7 step ritual to magnetize your energy (aura) to attract more loving relationships into your life. Be sure to email me and let me know about your success.

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