Social media has been deemed the marketing front for all businesses wanting to be successful through the Internet, and while this is, in fact, true, there are other areas of social media that quite often are overlooked. One of the most powerful tools that can be used through the Internet is having a favorable ranking on search engines.

The only way this can be achieved in an effective manner is by placing SEO throughout your website and/or blog. Furthermore, using SEO in all your social media endeavors is also useful and, typically, this section is overlooked.

When you post links through your Twitter account, each and every piece can be a powerful back link to your website. Along with Twitter, Facebook can also be used to create the same improvement in search engine results.

Although social media is viewed many times as a long-term marketing plan, there are short-term gratifications that can be done such as implementing SEO.

If you have conjured up your social media marketing plan for 2011, use the results below to guide you into critiquing your plan with SEO in mind.

1. Use Social Media to Generate Back links
If you have any experience at all with social media and generating a marketing promotion, you probably already know the power behind creating back links and how easily this can be accomplished. Furthermore, if you use Twitter to publish links to your website or promotions, you can not only receive routine exposure but also back linking from a crowd source.

2. Valuable content inspires others: If you are providing valuable content and are adept at keeping things up-to-date on your social media accounts, chances are that others will feel compelled to share the same information you are by re-tweeting your links. By simply engaging with others on these sites, you will be able to develop relationships and those people will want to help you, especially when most of it only requires clicking a button. Furthermore, if you ask these people to blog about you or share about your business, the results can be astounding.

3. Your Profile is filled with SEO: Your social media profiles are full of SEO, who would have thought, right? It is tremendously noteworthy that your information needs to be up-to-date and filled out, as well as have included a link to your website or blog. It is funny sometimes how many people have accounts and log on consistently, but have never taken the time to properly fill out their profile information. In this day and age, it is a key part of performing business on the Internet while instilling SEO tactics.

4. Reputation: Now, I know I’ve said this before but I cannot stress how powerful a tool like social media can be for your reputation and keeping up with it. However, keeping an up-to-date social media presence will help to eliminate any detrimental press you may have received in the past. If you complete your social media profiles, those can totally eliminate any unfavorable listings.

When your social media marketing strategy is built correctly, your campaign can be much more than a marketing strategy; it can also be a resource for long-term branding and SEO. By implementing those results above, you can improve both your business and your time spent with social media.

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