Eating disorders are not easily overcome. It takes a lot of hard work and motivation to push through them. Building your toolbox of coping techniques takes time, but there are simple tools you can start using now to help you persist.

Mantras are traditionally sacred syllables that are imbued with spiritual potency. While you can utilize traditional mantras, adopting contemporary ones can be just as effective and meaningful.

Try cultivating your list of personal mantras. You can use the ones provided below, adapt them if you need to, or come up with your very own. The four listed below are universal and empowering, encouraging you to not just accept but to love yourself.

I love myself for who I am today.

You are always working on becoming a better version of yourself, but it is okay to love the person you are right now. The more you love yourself in the here-and-now, the better you will be able to make those improvements for yourself. When you accept that 'perfection' is nothing more than a social construct, you will discover just how awesome and worthy of love you are.

I am not going to be hard on myself today.

While seeking inpatient eating disorder treatment, it is easy to be hard on yourself. You might experience guilt or shame, and that's actually quite normal as studies show. In fact, shame is the strongest indicator of a severe eating disorder.

Realize your feelings are legitimate but that you do not have to punish yourself for disordered eating. Instead of reinforcing your guilt, try saying this mantra when you start to experience those feelings.

I deserve to be loved by others and myself.

You are worthy of love, both from others and from yourself. You get to set your worth and keep that standard. When you set this standard, set it for yourself as well as others. Love will flourish in your life when you choose to let yourself deserve it.

If a thought or idea does not serve me, I can let it go.

Disordered eating involves a lot of unhelpful thoughts. When those thoughts kick in (and they will from time to time), call it out and then cast it out. These thoughts might be "I'm never going to get through my disorder" or "This is too hard." Remember that those thoughts will not serve you and let them go.

Mantras can be adapted to suit your needs, but they work through repetition. Make it a point to repeat your mantras but switch them up as needed. You can - and will - work through this.

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