An MLM business system seems complicated, but it really is simple and redundant. This is true if you build your business mostly online or offline. Here is the breakdown of a simple MLM system.
Step One: Leads-The first thing you need in any business is traffic or leads. Even if it is not completely targeted traffic, the key is massive traffic, because you will filter that traffic in the second step of your funnel.
Once you have decided on your system and have everything set up, the majority of your focus should be on marketing, because that is how you generate traffic and/or leads.
Step Two: Filter- This is where you filter and sift the traffic down to your more qualified leads or prospects. You can do this with a lead capture page online, or a pique interest call offline. This is also known as a sizzle call.
Step Three: Presentation- The way I learned network marketing is to use several types of presentations, such as a DVD, an online video, a weekly briefing, a big event, etc… The idea is to expose your prospects to incrementally large presentations as their interest grows.
Step Four: Close- Most people think this requires a traditional hard close, like a used car salesman. This is why a lot of people think they would not be good at network marketing.
The truth is that closing is more a matter of asking questions, and showing more interest in your prospects than you show in your own selfish desires.
Once you get your system in place, the key is to do the basics or fundamentals over and over again.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen
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