Moving a house can be exciting if you plan ahead and transport household items in an organised way. Amongst all other items, moving heavy furniture can be a bit difficult; however; you don’t need to break a sweat if you hire a moving truck in advance.  It can keep help you deport furniture safely and make your relocation fast and hassle-free. 

Are you relocating for the first time and yet to gather the experience of packing a moving truck? These fool-proof tips can be of immense help to you.

Disassemble Your Furniture Properly

While small household items don't stress you much during a move, however, heavy furniture such as sofa sets, dining tables or bunk beds needs special attention and care. You need to start disassembling your bulk items a day or two before your final move out date to ensure they don't eat up much space in the truck. Loading heavy furniture becomes much easier when you disassemble them into smaller parts and pack them flat. It also becomes easier to lift and carry them through small doorways.

Start by Loading Heavy Items

If you are looking for furniture removal truck for hire in Cairns, at first, you need to be aware of the packing tricks to ensure safe relocation.  Start by handling the tough parts and load your bunk items into the truck. These items include washing machine, refrigerator, bunk beds, couch, and cabinets etc. which usually consume significant space. The reason you should start off loading your heavy items is to protect them against damage or breakage. Once you load them successfully, back them up with smaller items as it can act as a protective layer against shocks or jerks throughout the transit.

Stock Your Smaller Household Items Nearby

Items that are negligible in shape and size can get crushed or misplaced if you don’t place them properly inside the truck. As and when you load heavy items, you will notice small corners where you can easily place your coffee table or flat shelves. Instead of loading smaller bits and pieces over heavy items, you can load lighter items such as mugs, dinner sets, containers etc. at the frontend of the truck. It will help you locate items easily during unloading and simplify your task. Further, it can help maximise space of the truck to the fullest.  

Use Moving Straps for Securing Goods

Moving straps are dedicated cords that keep furniture secure from all sides and protect them against heavy jerks. While loading your items, ask the removalists offering truck hire in Cairns to use them for securing your goods. Moving straps keep heavy furniture in good shape and protects them against heavy shocks, jerks or anything that may cause them to break. To ensure your valuable possessions stay in good shape till the final place of delivery, use of moving straps is a must.

Final Words!

Moving furniture has never been so easy. It requires skills, expertise and experience and that’s why it’s always wise to hire professional furniture removalists who can assure you of a safe and hassle-free relocation in a moving truck. If you like this post, don’t forget to give thumbs up!

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