The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a drastic change in various sectors, and teaching is one of them. Just like the work-from-home trend, learn-from-home has also become the new normal. The virtual teaching system in India opened new doors of learning for both teachers and students. Millions of schools and educational institutions around the globe have accepted technological innovations in the teaching sector.

Despite lots of technological transformations, it is a teacher who has to impart their knowledge to the students. They play a vital role in providing a seamless online learning experience to students. So, it is of paramount importance for teachers to become tech-savvy and well-versed with online teaching tools so that they can deliver the best of their knowledge.

There are some online teaching skills that modern educators must have to excel in their careers and to share quality education in the most convenient way.

Time management

Whether it be the online or offline mode of education, time management is a must. Teachers always have the responsibility of completing the syllabus within a limited time frame. In such a scenario, they need to ensure that they have a proper schedule to follow. They need to create a digital timetable for live classes, topics to be covered during the session, and assessments that they have to assign.

They need to ensure that all the projects and assignments are allotted within the time, including the feedback. Other than that, it is essential to incorporate breaks in between every session so that both teacher and students can feel relaxed.

Technical Proficiency

Technology keeps on changing every day, so it is essential to stay ahead in the league of education technology. It helps in imparting knowledge and skills to learners all over the world.

Teachers have to keep themselves updated and learn about new educational technologies. They need to have an understanding of online learning platforms, educational websites, applications, ebooks, etc. They can use some of the best digital education tools, such as - Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Seesaw, etc. These online platforms are beneficial for both teachers as well as students. Teachers can get post-study materials for students from these platforms, while students can get short lessons for a better understanding.

Lesson Planning

Creating an effective lesson plan is the most important skill that every educator must have. It is a roadmap of what students need to learn and how to convey it effectively during class hours. Along with creating appropriate learning activities, teachers can also form development strategies for getting feedback on students' learning, if they have a well-structured lesson plan.

The majority of teachers have their own lesson plan format but due to the transformation in the education system, it has become essential to have an understanding of contemporary requirements. Now, they have to understand students’ mindsets during online learning and create a lesson plan accordingly where digital tools for creating lesson plans help them a lot.

Online Research

In India, there are lots of educators who still find it difficult to search for educational content on online teaching platforms. There are a plethora of blogs, ebooks, audio and video platforms, websites, journals, etc. from which teachers can extract reliable information conveniently. But sometimes due to lack of technical information teachers find it a struggle to comprehend such new skills.
However, it is not that tough to learn these skills. Teachers can uplift their understanding by searching on a particular topic, and use their expertise to ensure that the content is authentic and reliable.

Final note

Teachers should always be able to engage students in the classroom as well as during online discussions. Sometimes continuous reading and learning become monotonous, and students easily lose interest. So, it is important to plan some fun activities for the online class. Teachers should also use student-centred pedagogy teaching methods in which they focus more on coaching or mentoring roles, instead of just sharing content through direct instructions.

This will not only boost students' willingness to learn but will also enhance teacher’s online teaching experience.

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