If a flood breaks out in your home, your sump pump is the first on the front lines. However, there may be a time where the sump pump isn’t working the way it should. If your sump pump is malfunctioning, it could make the problem worse than it has to be. Here are four of the most common sump pump problems and how to avoid them.

The Sump Pump is Clogged

We’ll start by tackling the most basic and common sump pump issue, clogging. Some companies, such as First Class Plumbing LLC, know that as with any plumbing appliance, your sump pump is prone to becoming clogged. In fact, there are so many ways this pump can be clogged, it can take a while listing them. So, we’ll list the ones that are most commonly experienced.
A sump pump can become clogged if:

-It becomes overwhelmed by the influx of dirt and debris
-It’s a cheap model and becomes jammed on a regular basis
-The float switch is malfunctioning
-The pump is literally in a dirty pit

Regardless of the cause of the clog, if it’s left unnoticed, it could potentially burst. To prevent this, contact your local plumber and have them take a look. They’ll let you know if it needs repaired or replaced.

The Sump Pump Lost Power

Sump pumps require power in order to be operational. So, if it loses said power, it will stop working altogether. This will put your home at great risk of flooding and water damage. If your sump pump loses power, it may be due to a power line being knocked down or your circuit breaker tripped. It’s also possible that the pump simply becomes unplugged. You can prevent this by having a backup power supply and wait until a plumbing company fixes the issue.

The Sump Pump is Old

If your sump pump is constantly breaking down and being repaired, it’s a clear sign that it’s old. Older appliances start to gradually wear down, which not only reduces their effectiveness, but can also cost you a fortune. Furthermore, an older sump pump may experience issues more frequently. Obviously, the only way to resolve this issue is to have a plumber replace it with a brand new one.

The Sump Pump Won’t Stop Running

The last common sump pump issue is when it runs continuously without pause. This is a problem that warrants immediate attention. If not, the sump pump can malfunction and shut down. If your sump pump is running non-stop, it’s usually because the switch was left on, the valve isn’t working properly, or is completely broken, or the liner isn’t the right size. A malfunctioning sump pump during a storm can be catastrophic, so you’ll need to bring in a professional quickly.

Sump pumps are incredibly important to any house. If it malfunctions or breaks, you may end up dealing with more issues than you thought. Contact a plumber to prevent your sump pump from breaking today.

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