At times, even the most proficient of SEO experts can get things horribly wrong. After all, ‘To Err Is Human.’

However, some mistakes do play a crucial role in setting your SEO campaign back and lead to loss of opportunities. One such field being link building.

Edward Scholes- an SEO expert in Melbourne states:

 “Internal link building could be a goldmine of lucrative SEO opportunities, provided it is kept under control and properly utilised in an SEO strategy.”

That’s why it is so important for SEO experts to get accustomed to the common link building blunders. Let’s begin!

 1)“ Becoming Obsessed Over Domain Authority or Any 3rd Party Metric.”

Overcompensating is always a surefire recipe for disaster. A lot of local SEO experts in Melbourne become over obsessed over domain authority or 3rd party metric.

This causes many other issues like:

  • Lack Of Proper And Subjective Evaluation.
  • Creating a Lopsided Link-Profile.
  • Limited Opportunities.

To prevent this; one needs to understand that they can never get 100% prospect satisfaction. Quality link metrics always change with time, but a good link will always stay a good link. Think of making the link profile more organic and plant plenty of seeds for future prospects.

2)“Disavowing Each Bad Link Which Comes Your Way.”

Every site will have bad links which pop up every now and then. But the interesting thing is that these bad links don’t hurt the site’s function in any way.

As Google ignores it; one should find no reason to stalk these bad links and disavow those that don’t appear appropriate.

Even Google recommends site owners of using the Disavow tool only out of absolute necessity and with caution. If it is used incorrectly, then it could significantly harm the website’s performance and stature in Google’s SERP.

3)“Broken External Links Or Numerous On-Page Links.”

The role of external links is to pass on the page’s authority to the linked site. However, when that link is broken, the whole resource gets wasted. These broken external links negatively influence the page’s quality both in Google as well as to its respective end-users.

The same can be said about having too many on-page links. It makes the whole thing seem too spammy, thus hampering the rankings. 

4)“ Redirecting Loops And Chains.”

An SEO Consultant and technician in Melbourne who try to set up redirects from one page to another is a fruitful strategy- but only when it is done correctly. Otherwise, it can seriously hamper the end-user experience along with the business site ranking.

Redirects create a chain which, in time, can end up looping on itself.  Edward rightly puts it by saying-

- “Long redirecting chains and endless loops tend to slow down the functioning of the website, Plus it also creates confused search bots.”

So, this is yet another link blunder to avoid. To implement this strategy properly will involve redirecting it to the final page. Plus, the SEO specialist should look to identify the patterns and fix it. In case of internal pages, chains and loops are resulted due to the site’s previous migrations, and so the experts need to keep this in mind too.

Ending Lines...

These are the common link-building blunders which one should look to avert at all costs. And to do that effectively and ensure their business site continues to thrive in popular search engines, contact a notable SEO company in Melbourne today.

Using their experience and field knowledge, these experts will take handle all these link-building woes and ensure optimal site performance.

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