Are you experiencing nasal stuffiness, swelling inside your nose, congestion, headache, and pain in your sinuses? You might be the victim of sinusitis. But you can know this for sure after getting a health check-up from a sinus doctor at Plano TX or any other place nearby. Even if you’re diagnosed with sinusitis, your doctor will tell you if it’s acute or chronic; and whether you should go for medical treatment.
The good news is that you can try natural remedies to ease the symptoms of sinusitis. The key is to nurture a strong defense system in your body so that you can easily combat sinus infections. Besides taking the doctor’s help, it’s worth incorporating the following remedies to bring relief to your condition:

Steam It Away
Steam loosens mucus, and thus, contributes to relief in congestion. All you need for preparing the steam treatment is hot water, a towel, and menthol or eucalyptus oil. Boil the water and pour it into a large bowl. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover your head with the towel in a way that the steam doesn’t escape through and goes straight upward, i.e. to the nasal area. Sit still and treat your sinuses with the steam till it dissipates.
You should use this remedy thrice a day. If that’s not possible, doing it at least twice a day (after waking up and before going to bed) will also yield positive results.

Hydrate the Stuffy Nose
Water isn’t just essential for the skin or other organs of the body. It’s equally important for the sinuses as well. If the nasal passage lacks an adequate amount of fluids, it leads to developing thick mucus. As a result, it disrupts the flow and might clog your sinuses. Fortunately, you can avoid the thickening of the mucus by drinking eight to ten glasses of purified, clean water a day.
Even if you’re unable to drink the required amount of water every single day, you can drink other hydrating beverages such as lemon water, coconut water, and herbal teas to help drain the sinuses.

Practice Nasal Irrigation

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Before turning to decongestants and antibiotics, it’s a wise idea to consider nasal irrigation as it will help the medications effectively reach your nasal cavities. Besides, nasal irrigation will flush out the bacteria that have been retained within the sinuses.
There are various ways to do it. Besides using nasal sprays, you can also pour a few drops of salt-water into your nostril. An alternative option is to use olive oil. While you pour the solution into one of the nostrils, tilting your head will make it more effective as it will drain from the other nostril. However, you should have ample knowledge about using the drainage methods before going ahead. Visit and take the doctor’s suggestions for the best results.

Add Ginger To Your Diet
Known as the natural antihistamine, the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger help reduce swelling. It also eases allergies while minimizing the discomfort caused by sinus pain.
You don’t have to bear the bitter taste of ginger, though. You can add this magic spice to your diet by sprinkling the chunks of ginger on chickpeas, curries, or soups. Another option is to just use a bit of it in one of your favorite teas. You can sweeten it up by adding honey.

The Takeaway
Since all of us react to natural remedies differently, it’s important to know which of the above-mentioned remedies brings relief to your sinuses. That’s why you should listen to your body and observe what works best for you. Also, talk to your doctor before incorporating any of these remedies into your sinusitis treatment.

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