Narrative essays are written for the purpose of exhibiting a writer’s life experiences but there are many types of experiences form which a student’s goes through out of which some are positive and some are negative, some are worth mentioning while some are not. This is what makes a student confuse about the theme of the narrative essay. If you are also confused about deciding the theme of the narrative essays then you can use any one of the following narrative essays topics ideas and see how much it makes a difference in your exam grades.

Theme ideas for writing narrative essays

A memorable achievement:

Being a student you must have achieved something during your student life, it can be either related to any sport activity or getting top grades in exams. Your narrative essay could explain how you managed to get on the top; you can also provide some learning secrets so that the other students can get advantage from it. If you have got the first prize in any sporting activity then you must tell how much hard work one has to do in order to get that position.

Twist in your life:

At times, a person is confronted with so many life challenges that he starts realizing the reality of life, it forces him to be a totally changed person. These changes can be bad as well depending on the way you see life. Writing a narrative essay from this perspective can be a fun to work but a word of advice here is that you should not include such circumstances that should not be discussed for example; anything that offend any other religion that may harm anybody’s feeling.

An occasion or event:

When your birthday was last celebrated? This could be the best available option to write narratives essays on. There are many other notable occasions that can the base of your narrative essays such as your wedding day. You can write your essay on a wedding day celebrations narrating it from top to bottom. If you want to push the emotional button of the readers then you can narrate a saddening story as well like a death in your family. Explain how it feels to lose a loved one or you can also describe the funeral day of your aunt, uncle or anybody that is now dead in your circle.

A tragedy:

As mentioned earlier, emotional hot button can be pressed with the help of tragic stories, you can write on a road side accident that is mostly preferred when it comes to writing tragic essays. Make sure, whatever you are writing is written on a proper format and structure.

Therefore, you must remember that narrative essays is just like telling a story therefore you need to develop some ideas on which you can easily create quality story like content. A word of advice here is to make sure you are not using any idea that may hurt the feeling of any other person or include anything which might not be suitable to be used in the narrative essay.

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